Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: October 3-5, 2015

The Stampeders ratings were one of the many on the decline over the weekend (logo via Wikimedia)

The Jays ratings have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately, and this weekend was probably one of the low points in the recent weeks. While the game on Saturday, October 4 drew 200,000 more viewers than the Jays match that aired the week before on Saturday, September 26, the game that aired on Sunday, October 5 plummeted when compared to the one broadcast on Sunday of the previous week. Only 1,030,000 tuned in to that match, and it shed over 500,000 viewers when compared to Sunday, September 27’s Jays game.

The Jays weren’t the only ones seeing their numbers drop over the weekend. The Stampeders match against the Tiger-Cats shed 165,000 viewers when compared to their game the week before versus the Blue Bombers. The Leafs are in the same boat. While their Friday, September 25 match against the Sabres drew an audience of 177,000 on Sportsnet 360, only 128,000 tuned in for their Friday, October 3 game versus the Red Wings on TSN4. I suppose that drop has more to do with it airing on one TSN feed and being blacked out for those outside of the Leafs’ home region than anything else. Continue reading Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: October 3-5, 2015

Canadian TV Ratings: September 21-27, 2015

We should have all been excited that the new TV season is officially here, but it looks like no one really gave a damn when it actually came. I had a feeling things weren’t going very well when I didn’t come across many of those self-congratulatory ratings press releases CTV and Global are known for, but I had no idea things were this dire. Yikes, let’s take a look at what went down.

The season premiere of TV’s number one show, The Big Bang Theory, took quite a tumble from last year. The eighth season premiere of The Big Bang Theory drew an astronomical 3,942,000 last year, but only 2,788,000 tuned in for the ninth season premiere this year. While that was still enough to be the week’s most-watched show, that’s a drop of 1,154,000 viewers! If that doesn’t sound crazy enough by itself, keep in mind that it’s hard for many shows on CBC or City to even crack the one million viewer mark. Yeah, it’s that big of a drop. I’m guessing a lot of people decided to watch the Jays, watch the CBS broadcast (CTV aired it a bit earlier than CBS) or people just got bored with the show.

Gotham also took quite a tumble from last season’s premiere. The season premiere of Gotham, which aired after The Big Bang Theory on CTV, drew 2,009,000 viewers down from 3,375,000 for the series premiere last year. Gotham just missed out on being one of the week’s top-ten programs and one of the day’s top-three broadcasts.

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Canadian TV Ratings: September 14-20, 2015

It looks like many of the shows on TV are still having a rough time in the ratings. Last year’s Emmy Awards drew 2,322,000, but this year, the numbers plummeted to 1,853,000. While that slide could just be attributed to the Emmy Awards being kinda “meh” this year, it could also be because of competing sports broadcasts, too.

MasterChef’s two-hour finale bumped The Amazing Race Canada out of its usual Wednesday-night time-slot, and The Amazing Race Canada’s numbers tumbled. It went from 2,769,000 viewers for its broadcast on Wednesday, September 9 down to just 2,148,000 for its Thursday, September 17 episode. Ouch.

Perhaps what is most disappointing is that MasterChef didn’t see more people tuning in for its finale. With only 2,045,000 watching the finale on September 16, only 32,000 more folks tuned in to watch the finale compared to the episode that aired the week before. Just for comparison’s sake, last year’s MasterChef finale drew 2,731,000.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: September 25-27, 2015

The NFL slid a bit when compared to the numbers they brought in previously (logo via Wikimedia)
It looks like the Jays numbers are creeping back up for the most part. Friday’s game drew 120,000 more than the previous Friday’s, and Sunday’s game attracted nearly 300,000 more viewers than the previous week’s Jays match.

Saturday’s game wasn’t as lucky, though. It shed 130,000 viewers when compared to the match on Saturday, September 19. Saturday’s game aired in the afternoon (the Canadiens and Leafs took the prime-time slot on Sportsnet), and perhaps that’s why the ratings were on the lower side. While Saturday’s Jays match was the weekend’s least-watched Jays game, at least it didn’t hit the lows of the lowest-rated Jays match of last weekend. If you’ve forgotten already, that was Sunday, September 20’s Sox-Jays match-up, which only drew 1,230,000 viewers.

Elsewhere, it looks like the NFL numbers are sliding a bit. CTV’s top assortment of NFL games drew 774,000 on September 27, compared to the 841,000 the week before. Their earlier grab bag of games drew 549,000 on September 20, while only 507,000 tuned in for the 4 p.m. games the following week.

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Yankees at the Jays becomes Sportsnet’s most-watched series ever

Sportsnet (logo via Wikimedia)
Sportsnet (logo via Wikimedia)

Sportsnet shared some info on the Jays ratings recently, and as you can probably expect by now, the Jays are continuing to draw in huge numbers.

Actually, the three-game series earlier this week between the Jays and the Yankees was Sportsnet’s most-watched series ever. It drew an average audience of 1.9 million from Monday to Wednesday.

According to Sportsnet, Monday’s game drew an average audience of 1.8 million, Tuesday’s game delivered 2.04 million and Wednesday’s game saw 1.95 million tune in.

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Canadian TV Ratings: September 7-13, 2015

Judging from the ratings for the week of September 7, it looks like Canada still has baseball fever. Actually, Canada’s so into baseball that the Sportsnet Central that aired during the evening of Saturday, September 12 was the 11th most-watched program of the week. That’s a bit crazy.

The week’s Blue Jays baseball games, cobbled together using whatever strange math Numeris uses, pulled in 1,535,000 viewers, too. That’s down a tad from the previous week, however, where Numeris listed that week’s Jays games as pulling in 1,633,000 viewers. Numeris also listed the Jays games for the week of September 7 as airing at 1:04-4:24 p.m., which is nonsense because their Top Programs chart also says that eight games aired during the week. I’m assuming they meant that most of the Jays games for the week aired in the afternoon around 1-ish.

If that’s true, that may give reason to why some of the week’s other broadcasts jumped a bit in the ratings when compared to the previous week. The Amazing Race Canada went up to 2,769,000 from 2,522,000 for its broadcast the week before. MasterChef went from 1,924,000 for its September 2 broadcast to 2,013,000 for its episode on September 9. America’s Got Talent and Thursday’s prime-time Big Bang Theory rerun also saw some gains as well. Continue reading Canadian TV Ratings: September 7-13, 2015

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: September 18-20, 2015

Football numbers are rising while the Jays numbers are sinking. What a world! (logo via Wikimedia)
The Jays were on top for the weekend, of course, but you may be surprised to find out that their numbers are slipping. Before you get yourself spooked, it appears their numbers are just slipping by a bit — nothing major.

While the Jays game on Friday drew 1,750,000 to become the weekend’s most-watched sporting event, it wasn’t as high as the previous week’s top game, which was the second match of the Jays-Yankees doubleheader on Saturday, September 12. That game drew in 1,870,000.

Saturday’s match kinda underwhelmed when you put it alongside what we saw last week, too. The Jays game that aired on Saturday, September 19 didn’t just draw fewer viewers than the top one from the week before, but it actually drew fewer viewers than the first of the two doubleheader games as well. Saturday’s Sox-Jays match drew 1,730,000 viewers compared to the 1,760,000 viewers that the first of the two Jays-Yankees game drew on September 12.

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