What To Watch: Winter 2016

Winter 2016 What To Watch ImageMid-season has almost always been considered the ugly step-sister of the fall season. And although the networks seemed to be getting our hopes up that mid-season could be as good as the fall, they’ve underwhelmed big time.

CTV continues to be CTV with two new shows based on comics. Global continues to be Global by adding another procedural to its schedule. City continues to be City by adding another two sitcoms to their roster that you’re not going to watch. CBC continues to be CBC by giving us a reality show about people waiting for planes to arrive. (Seriously, guys?) Then we have CTV Two, which has all but been ignored yet again.

To save you the trouble, you’re going to want to check out CTV’s new shows (The X-Files, Lucifer and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) and perhaps Global’s Superstore if you want a chuckle (but just watch it Mondays on NBC as Global airs it on Fridays).

These lame mid-season replacements need to go, but I suppose we’ll have to wait patiently for Castle, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Agents of SHIELD, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Gotham, Bones, Quantico and the rest to return.

I’ll try to keep the schedules current on my site, but do double-check with your local listings regardless. Besides shows moving off and on the networks’ schedules, there are some quirks due to time zones and the special nature of some affiliates.


CBC City (logo via Wikimedia) CTV (logo via CTV.ca) CTV Two (logo via accesstv.ca)Global Fall 2015 Logo

Logo Credits: CBC (logo via CBC), City (logo via Wikimedia), CTV (logo via CTV.ca), CTV Two (logo via accesstv.ca) and Global (screenshot via YouTube)

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