What To Watch: CTV (Winter 2015)

CTV (logo via CTV.ca)

CTV (logo via CTV.ca)

CTV is so far ahead of the pack that all of their mid-season shows could flop and they’d still be in good standing. However, with special presentations like the Super Bowl, the Golden Globes and the Junos, as well as shows like Marvel’s Agent Carter, CSI: Cyber and The Odd Couple joining the roster, the chances of CTV having a lame mid-season are slim.

As Bell Media only sent out a press release of “CTV’s 2015 key mid-season dates,” which isn’t necessarily a proper schedule, I had to get a bit imaginative to arrive at what I have below. If I find out that anything is incorrect or that CTV changed its mind, I’ll change the information below accordingly.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 eTalk Grey’s Anatomy (January 29) eTalk TBD


MasterChef Canada (February 8)
7:30 The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory
8 Gotham (January 5) The Flash (January 20) Arrow (January 21) The Big Bang Theory (January 8) Shark Tank (January 9) Once Upon a Time (March 1)
8:30 The Goldbergs (January 8)/The Odd Couple (February 19)
9 Forever (January 5) Marvel’s Agent Carter (January 6)/Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (March 3) Criminal Minds (January 14) Two and a Half Men Grimm (January 9) Resurrection (January 4)/Secrets and Lies (March 1)
9:30 The McCarthys/Spun Out (March 5)
10 Castle (January 12) Person of Interest Saving Hope/CSI: Cyber (March 4) How To Get Away With Murder (January 29)/American Crime (March 5) Blue Bloods (January 2) CSI/Motive (March 8)

Note: New series are in bold

New Series: 

Marvel’s Agent Carter

Marvel’s Agent Carter looks like a very intriguing show, especially considering that it takes the red-hot superhero genre and throws it into the 1940s. However, its sister show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD also looked like it would have been a great series before it launched, but I wound up losing interest in it when it actually aired. Despite that, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has done remarkably well in the ratings this side of the border, as have CTV’s other comic book shows. So I can’t see why Agent Carter should be an exception. Still, with that said, you might not want to get too attached. American broadcaster ABC is advertising it as “an eight-part television event,” which could be taken as a hint that Marvel’s Agent Carter isn’t long for this world.

CSI: Cyber

Do we really need yet another CSI spinoff? In this one, the focus isn’t necessarily the location, as CSI: Miami and CSI: NY emphasized in their titles, but rather that the crimes involve technology. I’m not sure if that’s much of a twist for a procedural these days. Perhaps that would’ve held more weight in the 80s or 90s when some of the technology we’re used to today were in their infancy, but what are you going to do? At least CSI: Cyber has a great cast with Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek and Bow Wow all on board.

The Odd Couple

While I do like classic TV series, I was never really able to get into The Odd Couple. So when I heard about the remake, it was met with a shrug from me. Actually, considering that The Odd Couple has lived before as a play, and several different TV shows and movies, why do we need yet another version of this thing? Considering the state of CBS’ comedies (and I suppose by extension CTV’s comedies), I can’t help but imagine that this show is going to wind up looking more like Two and a Half Men without the “half man” than simply a remake of The Odd Couple.

American Crime

When I looked at American Crime prior to the start of the season, I thought it looked a lot like Fox/Global’s Gracepoint. They both have a very cable-like feel to them, but American Crime appears to focus more on race. I also thought both shows appeared to take great and refreshing takes on crime. Too often we get procedurals where we find the victim and watch some cops try to track down the criminal, but both American Crime and Gracepoint go beyond that with an in-depth look at the effects these crimes have on the suspects and the families involved.

Secrets and Lies

I also got a chance to look at the trailer for Secrets and Lies before the start of the season, and I felt it also had a similar aura to Gracepoint and American Crime. Much like Gracepoint, this show involves the search for a suspect in the murder of a young boy. However, in Secrets and Lies the person who found the body is suspected of committing the crime and a lot of the drama comes from watching his life get turned upside down. When compared to Gracepoint and American Crime, I felt that this series appeared to be the weakest of the bunch, but I didn’t think it meant that it would be a bad show necessarily. Oh, and if Secrets and Lies sounds familiar to you, it might be because the CBC aired the original Australian version over the summer.

(Featured Image: Promotional image via ctv.ca)