What To Watch: CBC (Winter 2015)

CBC (logo via CBC)

CBC (logo via CBC)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 p.m. TBD Hockey Night in Canada Heartland
8 p.m. Murdoch Mysteries Rick Mercer Report Dragon’s Den The Nature of Things Marketplace Life Story (Jan. 11)
8: 30 p.m. 22 Minutes 
9 p.m. Strange Empire/Ascension (Feb. 9)/Chasing Shadows (Mar. 23) Schitt’s Creek (Jan. 13) The Book of Negroes (Jan. 7)/X Company (Feb. 18) Doc Zone the fifth estate Winnipeg Comedy (Jan. 11)
9:30 p.m. Mr. D (Jan. 20)
10 p.m.

The National

The National

Note: New series are in bold.

This show was supposed to premiere in the fall, but it was pushed to midseason for whatever reason. As I said when I looked at it as part of the CBC’s fall schedule, Ascension appears to be a mini-series that follows a bunch of people who were sent into space by the US government in 1963. It sounds very Canadian, doesn’t it

This series is an import from Britain’s ITV, and the CBC hasn’t provided much information on it. However, from taking a look at the ITV promos, Chasing Shadows seems to share a few similarities with BBC Two/Bravo’s The Fall. If you’re not patient enough for it to hit Canadian airwaves, you can find the entire series up on YouTube.

Of all the shows the CBC is launching this season, Schitt’s Creek is probably the most anticipated. However, from what I can gather from the previews, the show doesn’t look that great. Essentially, it’s about a wealthy family that loses everything and has to live in a backwater town. It’s probably going to take everything you can throw at it to keep it interesting past the first two episodes. Schitt’s Creek’s concept feels like it would work better as a film. However, if Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara can’t save this thing, I don’t know who could.

The Book of Negroes

Lawrence Hill, the author of The Book of Negroes said it was surreal, rich, satisfying and sometimes surprising to see The Book of Negroes make the transition from novel to the screen. I read the book a while ago, and I have no reason to doubt him. The sneak peeks that the CBC has given us of the mini series look great, but quality doesn’t necessarily mean ratings success. However, I’m sure the CBC knows that by now.

X Company

I don’t think I’ve actually come across any footage of X Company, but from what I’ve heard about it, the show sounds exciting. The CBC says, “X Company is an emotionally-driven character drama, set in the thrilling and dangerous world of WWII espionage and covert operations.” Oh boy, sign me up. (Update — Jan. 7: Check out the killer first trailer here.)

Life Story

 This series is yet another import that made its way onto the CBC’s schedule this season. Life Story is from David Attenborough and BBC One, and if you’re familiar with Attenborough, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Life Story shares a lot in common with something you’d spot on The Nature of Things.