What to Watch: Monday (Fall 2014)

CBC (logo via CBC)
City (logo via Wikimedia)
CTV (logo via CTV.ca)
CTV Two (logo via accesstv.ca)
Global (screenshot via Global GO)
7 Murdoch Mysteries Modern Family eTalk The Big Bang Theory Entertainment Tonight
7:30 The Big Bang Theory eTalk Entertainment Tonight Canada
8 Murdoch Mysteries (Oct. 6) Two Broke Girls  Gotham The Voice NCIS: Los Angeles
8:30 MomPackage Deal
9 Strange Empire (Oct. 6) Scorpion Forever Sleepy Hollow
10 The National 2 Broke Girls Castle Anger Management The Blacklist
10:30 Two and a Half Men Mike and Molly

Note: New series are in bold (Updated: November 3rd)

Logo Credits: CBC (logo via CBC), City (logo via Wikimedia), CTV (logo via CTV.ca), CTV Two (logo via accesstv.ca) and Global (screenshot via Global GO)