What To Watch: Global (Fall 2014)


Global (screenshot via Global GO)

Global (screenshot via Global GO)

I used to think of CTV as an old fogey network with all of its police procedurals and reality shows. Now, while most of those shows have disappeared off their schedule and they replaced a good chunk of them with shows based on comic books, Global seems to have taken their old fogey title. Global now has three variations of NCIS on its schedule and it has added procedurals Stalker and Gracepoint. They have even moved The Simpsons out of simulcast and kept younger skewing shows like Marry Me and Mulaney out of simulcast as well. What happened Global?

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 Entertainment Tonight TBD Mulaney
7:30 Entertainment Tonight Canada Bob’s Burgers
8 NCIS: Los Angeles NCIS Survivor Bones About A Boy Drama Encores Madam Secretary
8:30 Marry Me
9 Sleepy Hollow NCIS: New Orleans Chicago PD Gracepoint  Hawaii Five-0 The Good Wife
10 The Blacklist Chicago Fire Stalker ParenthoodElementary Constantine DocumentaryParenthood The Simpsons
Family Guy

Note: New series are in bold

Schedule Changes: It looks like Global swapped out Parenthood from its Thursday night slot with Elementary. Parenthood, now airs Saturdays at 10. I guess if you wanted to watch that documentary that was originally scheduled for then, you’re out of luck. (Updated: November 3rd)

New Series:

NCIS: New Orleans (Tuesday 9 p.m.)

This show is exactly what it sounds like: yet another procedural, but this time it’s in New Orleans. I want to say that is going to be a runaway success but after watching the trailer, I’m not feeling the characters that much and it doesn’t appear to be that smart of a show. While it should do well in the ratings, I doubt NCIS: New Orleans will be as strong as NCIS: Los Angeles as Los Angeles seems to be a much more fun place to set a series.

Stalker (Wednesday 10 p.m.)

Stalker couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With the way social media and other modern technologies have infiltrated our lives, cyberstalking can easily become a problem. I think many more people cyberstalk than they’d like to admit. That’s not even to mention all the talk about the NSA scandal, where it feels as if all of us are being stalked to some extent by the government.

This series seems to play off that and adds a bit of a fresh, modern take to CBS’ stale procedurals.

It appears Global has some confidence in it as it also owns the rights to Chicago PD and chose to simulcast this series instead of it. Stateside it may halt Chicago PD from growing any further.

Gracepoint (Thursday 9 p.m.)

This series seems like a less of a Bizzaro-world Twin Peaks. Just as with Twin Peaks, a young person is found dead on a beach, this time it’s a boy, and also like Twin Peaks you watch the family sob over the death and the police try to piece everything together. I doubt there will be a log lady, however.

Marry Me (Friday 8:30 p.m)

I’m always skeptical of rom-coms, but Marry Me might turn out to be something worth watching. It almost feels like a spinoff of Happy Endings where we follow Penny into marriage.

Global has dumped it on Friday with About A Boy though, so I guess that says a lot about how well they think it will do. However, to be fair, it airs against NCIS: New Orleans in the US and you’d have to be crazy to choose NCIS anything for some unproven rom-com.

Constantine (Friday 10 p.m.)

The networks are really betting on comic book series this year, and while CTV has picked up most of them Global managed to get this one. Constantine looks like it will be a very solid show, but it feels much more like a movie and less like an actual TV show. It also seems like it will scare the bejeepers out of you, which I suppose is a welcome change for network TV which has seem to have done horror well for decades. I can’t help but wonder if it maybe a bit too much for people though as it does look quite scary.

Mulaney (Sunday 7 p.m.)

Mulaney is essentially Seinfeld 2.0. While that’s enough to turn off some people, I’ll definitely be watching considering I loved Seinfeld and I must have watched every episode several times until I basically knew every episode by heart. However, the fact that I like it doesn’t necessarily mean I think the series will do well.

Programs that are clones of other shows are sometimes hit or miss even if they’re a near replica of a mega hit. It also seems like there’s a history for carbon copies of shows that were popular a decade or two ago to completely flop. (I’m thinking of 704 Hauser in 1994 which was a black version of 1971’s All in the Family or 1969’s The Debbie Reynolds Show which shared some similarities with 1951’s I Love Lucy.)

Mulaney’s timeslot doesn’t help either. Fox has it mixed in with Animation Domination staples The Simpsons and Family Guy on Sunday, while Global is airing it out of simulcast in the oft-forgotten 7 p.m. hour along with Bob’s Burgers.

Madam Secretary (Sunday 8 p.m.)

Global has decided to bump The Simpsons for this seemingly dull and dry series that appears as if it’s targeted at the PBS crowd that may have strayed to the mainstream networks for whatever reason.

The main character, Elizabeth McCord, comes across a hard ass and isn’t likeable in the trailer.

Also, I wonder how long they’re going to try to pretend that the series isn’t about Hilary Clinton. It’s easy to see some similarities between the main character and her although they do have very different backgrounds. It appears that Madam Secretary’s main character was part of the CIA at one point and a professor prior becoming Secretary of State.

Madam Secretary is on Sundays so likely cable, football and Downton Abbey and the like will massacre it. I’d be surprised if it made it past December.