What To Watch: City (Fall 2014)

City (logo via Wikimedia)

City enters a brand new era where its primetime schedule is down to two hours during the week with syndicated shows bookending it and NHL games on the weekend. With that considered City doesn’t have as many hours to program during primetime as CTV and Global, so you’ll only spot three new shows: Scorpion (Monday 9 p.m), Utopia (Tuesday 8 p.m./Friday 9 p.m.) and Black-ish (Wednesday 9:30 p.m.).

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 Modern Family
8 2 Broke Girls Utopia

The Bachelor Canada

Hell’s Kitchen The Bachelor Canada


Package Deal



Hockey Night in Canada Hometown Hockey
8:30 Mom

Package Deal

The Middle



9 Scorpion New Girl Modern Family Scandal Utopia   

2 Broke Girls/The Middle

9:30 The Mindy Project Black-ish
10 2 Broke Girls Revenge
10:30 Two and a Half Men

Note: New series are in bold.

Schedule Changes: Fox canned the Tuesday showing of Utopia and City moved The Bachelor Canada in its place. Utopia’s Friday show was also moved to 8 p.m., leading to City swapping around its sitcoms. Fox later cancelled Utopia outright, but City still lists it on its schedule. It’s not possible for City to continue running Utopia as production has shut down, unless they’re planning on running reruns.

CBS also moved Mom from after 2 Broke Girls to after The Big Bang Theory, leading City to move Package Deal from Friday nights to after 2 Broke Girls on Monday. On Thursday City runs a Mom rerun to lead into a fresh episode, which airs in simulcast with CBS. Wow what a mess. (Updated: November 3rd)


New Series:

Scorpion (Monday 9 p.m)

This import from CBS combines many of the network’s hits into one show. Scorpion takes the procedural elements of series like Elementary and Hawaii Five-0 and the loveable geeks from The Big Bang Theory. It’s just in this program the geeks aren’t really as fun, they come across as more arrogant than anything else in the trailer. It’s a bit hard to guess how well this show will do, but since CTV and Global passed on it, I’m not that confident this series will last long.

Utopia (Tuesday 8 p.m./Friday 9 p.m.)

Utopia has a larger than life concept: 15 people are dropped in the middle of nowhere, have to create their own society and learn how to survive all while being filmed 24/7. There are elements of Survivor, Big Brother and Kid Nation. It’s a classic Fox over-the-top reality show. While it’s hard to see this bombing spectacularly, it makes you wonder if Fox will ever stop with all these reality shows. I guess the plus side is if Utopia really takes off it might help to boost New Girl/Mindy Project’s sad ratings, if it underwhelms, however, those two could be in big trouble.

Black-ish (Wednesday 9:30 p.m.)

This sitcom argues black families are becoming too much like white families and now they need to reclaim their identity.

It’s funny when you think about it as Black-ish could’ve never existed back as early as the 80s, before The Cosby Show was on the air, because The Cosby Show introduced the idea to TV viewers that black families can be a lot like white families.

Prior to The Cosby Show, black families on TV were often struggling (e.g Good Times or Sanford and Son), or barely successful (e.g. The Jeffersons). If you look back further than that, many black people on TV were simply racist caricatures (e.g. The Beulah Show), where blacks were often portrayed as dimwitted and most of the interactions they had with whites was serving them in some way.

While the premise of Black-ish presents an interesting argument, I doubt the series will stay with it or else it might get a bit preachy and/or exhausting. I mean who wants to watch a family constantly fighting the world around them for a distinct identity. I have a feeling a few episodes in, we’ll be asking why is this show called Black-ish again, kinda like how Cougar Town lost all meaning a few episodes in.

Black-ish might be an interesting fit with Modern Family, which rarely features black characters.