What To Watch: CTV (Winter 2016)

CTV logo

CTV (logo via CTV.ca)

CTV has an absolutely yawntastic slate of shows set for you for the winter. Actually, a number of these shows you’d usually find over on CTV Two, but they’ve been brought up to the big leagues because the big leagues ran out of players. And no, your eyes don’t deceive you. Saturday and Sunday aren’t on the schedule below. I omitted them because they’re completely random with award shows, sports and reruns that I just didn’t know what to put down.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7 eTalk
7:30 The Big Bang Theory


8 The X-Files The Flash Arrow The Big Bang Theory MasterChef Junior
8:30 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
9 Lucifer Marvel’s Agent Carter Criminal Minds Shark Tank/Grimm
9:30 The Goldbergs
10 Law & Order: SVU CSI: Cyber Code Black Saving Hope Blue Bloods

 New Series:

The X-Files — Mondays at 8 p.m.

What’s old is new again, I suppose. After Heroes and 24’s random reboots/continuations, here comes another one, The X-Files. I’m a bit too young to remember The X-Files during its original run, but apparently it ended its original life on Global according to these schedules put together by the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. CTV has now picked up The X-Files and is going to run with it. Well, if you thought The X-Files was the end of all those reboots, it may just be the beginning. Apparently we should see the return of Full House, Twin Peaks and Prison Break, too.

Lucifer — Mondays at 9 p.m.

It looks like we’re getting another comic book procedural on our hands. This time it’s the procedural from hell, Lucifer. Much like Gotham, this one is based on a DC comic.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.

CTV gets one step closer to being a network devoted exclusively to comic books with this new Arrow and Flash spinoff. Despite being an hour-long show, it airs at the awkward time of 8:30 p.m., which was no doubt a way for CTV to capitalize off the ridiculous Big Bang Theory numbers. There’s a ton of geek chic going on over on CTV.