What To Watch: CTV Two (Fall 2015)

CTV Two (logo via accesstv.ca)

CTV Two (logo via accesstv.ca)

CTV’s wasteland of network TV programs no one cares about, which you probably know as CTV Two, is only getting one new program this fall: Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. (Sleepy Hollow is new to CTV Two, but it aired on Global for its first two seasons.) Do you know a soul who watches this network? No? I thought so. Well, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change this season either.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 The Big Bang Theory The Listener The Big Bang Theory
7:30 eTalk The Big Bang Theory


The Voice


The Voice The Mysteries of Laura


The Vampire Diaries MasterChef Junior Flashpoint Dancing with the Stars


9 Reign Law and Order: SVU Sleepy Hollow


Shark Tank


10 Mike and Molly Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris Mike and Molly W5 Mike and Molly
10:30 Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland

New Series:

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris — Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

The only new show hitting CTV Two for the fall is this Neil Patrick Harris variety show that looks a lot like the bits of the Fallon-era Tonight Show that were meant to go viral packed into one hour. If we’re getting a bit of late night in prime time, I’m glad the show isn’t going to be stretched across five nights a week like another NBC import from a few years ago that comes to mind….