What To Watch: City Saturday Nights (Winter 2016)

I decided to include City’s Saturday night schedule for the markets outside of Toronto and Montreal due to the fact that Hockey Night in Canada is unique as it airs live and doesn’t take up the entire 7-10 p.m. block in most markets as it does on City Toronto and City Montreal. Hockey Night in Canada ends at different times in different markets, meaning City has to find something to plug those holes.

The other schedules on the site are still based on the network’s Toronto affiliate’s schedule, which means that due to time zones and the special nature of some stations (like City Saskatchewan being an educational cable channel), the times on other schedules on the site may not be quite the same in markets outside of Toronto and some shows might not air altogether. However, the schedules should give you a good idea of what to expect. Check your local listings if you’re a real stickler for show times.

Saturday (Montreal and Toronto) Saturday (Other Markets)
7 Hockey Night in Canada The Liquidator (Vancouver)
7:30 The Liquidator (Vancouver)
8 Survivorman (Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton)
9 Illusions of Grandeur (Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg/Saskatchewan)
9:30 Escape or Die! (Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg/Saskatchewan)
10 CityNews Weekend (Toronto)/Close Up Kings (Montreal) Close Up Kings (Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg)/Disasters of the Century (Saskatchewan)