What To Watch: CBC (Winter 2016)


CBCOkay, the fall was a bit of a disaster, so midseason shouldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong!

CBC’s new crown jewel for the winter, Jekyll and Hyde, has already aired and been cancelled in the UK, and there’s probably no chance in hell of that thing coming back because they shipped the sets off to some random country to be used as refugee shelters. I’m not even joking.

CBC’s other new show, Hello Goodbye, is literally mostly footage of people waiting for, getting on and getting off planes as far as I can tell, and Midwinter of the Spirit has probably finished its CBC run by the time this makes it online.

Thank God for old reliable series like Murdoch Mysteries, 22 Minutes, Rick Mercer Report and Dragons’ Den. I’ve just started to do some work for CBC News, too (more on that here). I probably can’t say too much, but I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that they have some interesting things lined up for Friday nights.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 Marketplace Hello Goodbye Just for Laughs Gags 22 Minutes Rick Mercer Report Hockey Night in Canada


Heartland (Jan. 10)


7:30 Coronation Street
8 Murdoch Mysteries (Jan. 11) Rick Mercer Report (Jan. 5)


Dragons’ Den (Jan. 6) The Nature of Things (Jan. 7)


Marketplace (Jan. 8) Hello Goodbye
8:30 22 Minutes (Jan. 5) Hello Goodbye (Jan. 8) Just For Laughs Gags
9 Jekyll and Hyde (Jan. 11) Schitt’s Creek (Jan. 12) Midwinter of the Spirit (Jan. 6)/X Company (Jan. 27) Firsthand (Jan. 14)/CBC Docs


the fifth estate (Jan. 8) Jekyll and Hyde
9:30 Mr. D (Jan. 19)
10 The National The National

New Series:

Jekyll & Hyde — Mondays at 9 p.m.

Another classic tale gets retold yet again, and keeping in pace with TV and movies of today, you’ll be wowed by CGI, grittiness and a nagging feeling that the original was around a million times better. This one comes from our friends over at ITV, which had the decency to cancel the thing before it made it onto the CBC’s airwaves. Gee, thanks, guys.

Midwinter of the Spirit — Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

 Better hold on to your hats. Here comes yet another import from the UK. This one is a three-part supernatural crime drama from ITV that you’ll probably forget even existed half a year from now.

Hello Goodbye — Fridays at 8:30 p.m.

When you’ve thought reality TV hit the bottom of the barrel, they always seem to find a way to come up with something even worse. It’s actually kind of hard to wrap your head around that this show is actually on TV. Week after week you get to watch people arrive and leave an airport. Yup, that’s a thing now, and unbelievably it airs three times in prime time a week (if you count the 7 p.m. hour as prime time). Doesn’t that make you want to just roll up into a ball and cry?