Canadian TV Ratings: May 9-15, 2016

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders took quite a tumble on May 11. Its 9 p.m. broadcast drew 1,562,000 viewers, which is around Quantico, Chicago Fire and The Blacklist territory. Its episode that aired the week before at 10 p.m. brought in over two million viewers.

What it seems happened was that it aired without the Criminal Minds lead in it usually had and instead took the place of that show on the schedule.

I know CBS aired a double bill of Beyond Borders that night, but if you take a look at Numeris’ chart, you might think that CTV only aired the first episode because the second one isn’t listed. That seems odd. It might have just been the hardest hit by the Raptors playoff game that night.

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 14-20, 2016

It looks like a ton of people were excited for the launch of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The spinoff even surpassed the original Criminal Minds in the ratings. Actually, it was the number one program in all of television for the week of March 14, drawing in over 2.6 million viewers.

The last, but ultimately unsuccessful Criminal Minds spinoff, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, debuted in eighth place for the week back in February 2011 with nearly 2.5 million viewers.

The TV landscape was far healthier back then, though. Twelve programs during that week topped two million viewers, and perhaps most surprisingly $#*! My Dad Says was among those programs. While usually looked back at as kind of a flop, the sitcom actually topped Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour.

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Canadian TV Ratings: February 22-28, 2016

So the Academy Awards aired on February 28, and despite the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, it still managed to pull in some pretty big numbers. A good 5,654,000 tuned in to the Academy Awards, that’s actually up from last year’s audience of 5,526,000.

Out in the U.S., however, ratings for the Oscars dropped quite substantially. Only 34.3 million watched the Oscars, the smallest audience the award show has brought in since 2008.

Some believe that drop has little to do with the controversy around the Oscars’ lack of diversity, but rather things like streaming options, blockbusters getting largely snubbed from the best picture category and just a random assortment of many, many award shows around the same time.

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Canadian TV Ratings: November 23-29, 2015

Where do we even start with this hot mess of a week? Monday’s a logical place to start — how about we start there?

While some of Monday night’s shows showed some improvement from the week before, the numbers are still quite lousy. Not a single show cracked the two million viewer mark, but what’s perhaps the most interesting thing that happened that night wasn’t what was on top, but what Monday shows were near the end of Numeris’ Top Programs chart for the week. Murdoch Mysteries managed to draw more viewers than Supergirl on Global! (You hear that, NCIS: Los Angeles and Blindspot? You’re next!) City’s Scorpion made an appearance as well claiming the 24th spot for the week. It’s all just madness, I know.

The Adele special, Adele: Live in London, aired on Wednesday, November 25, and it drew monster ratings. Over 2.1 million Canadians tuned in to watch Adele do what Adele does best. That wasn’t the night’s top program, but it was mighty close. CTV/Bell had the North American exclusive rights for the special, so they pulled in that audience without a simulcast or much hype from the American press. Pretty snazzy, eh?

The Big Bang Theory was a rerun on Thursday, November 26, and it plummeted in the ratings — hard. It went from over four million viewers the week before to just below 1.8 million. When it comes to Big Bang numbers on Thursday nights, they seem to go hard or go home.  Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: November 9-15, 2015

I’m not sure what happened over the week of November 9, but a bunch of the nation’s top shows plummeted. When compared to their broadcasts for the week prior, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Survivor and Quantico shed roughly 200,000 viewers. Grey’s managed to shed nearly 225,000 viewers, and Blue Bloods, Supergirl and Limitless saw smaller hits as they lost roughly 125,000.

Surprisingly, How to Get Away with Murder was one of the few shows that gained viewers. It went from 1,508,000 for its November 5 episode to 1,774,000 for its November 12 episode. That episode wasn’t even the show’s midseason finale. [Don’t get me started on what a ridiculous concept a “midseason finale” is.] How to Get Away with Murder’s midseason finale aired the following week on November 19, and we should get those final numbers next week.

Regardless, it’s still a bit odd to see a show like How to Get Away with Murder spike like that. It has always been the type of program that I thought you’d have to watch every week or else you might feel lost. How to Get Away with Murder feels like it’s so fragile that if they make one bad move when it comes to the plot, the entire show would fall apart like a house of cards. Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: October 12-18, 2015

While last week I was a bit surprised by Blindspot’s numbers, the show managed to crash and burn on October 12. When compared to the episode that aired the week before, the new CTV drama lost 438,000 viewers. That’s a pretty steep drop from the fifth most-watched program for the week of October 5 to the 13th. Blindspot is not the only newbie show feeling the heat; Limitless and Code Black both lost viewers, too.

The only other new program that managed to crack the top 30 actually did far better. Quantico spiked up from a low last week, and that’s probably because it didn’t have to face competition from The Walking Dead for its October 18 episode. CTV’s new CIA drama gained nearly 275,000 viewers from its October 11 broadcast to sit comfortably ahead of the night’s other scripted network shows in the ratings.

You may notice that the charts below are littered with a bunch of baseball-related programs. Take those numbers with a grain of salt because Numeris decided to count several different MLB games or post-game shows for those numbers. Because of that, it’s hard to know exactly which programs may have been banged up in the ratings due to baseball.  Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: October 5-11, 2015

Network TV needs to fear The Walking Dead. CTV’s freshman hit Quantico had the misfortune of going up against the season premiere of The Walking Dead on October 11, and the AMC zombie show took a large bite out of Quantico’s audience. Quantico went from being the second most-watched show of the week with an audience of 2,519,000 for its October 4 episode to the 12th most-watched show of the week with an audience of only 1,889,000 when the super-sized premiere of AMC’s mega hit The Walking Dead ran for an extra half hour into its time-slot on October 11. Luckily for Quantico, it shouldn’t have to go up directly against The Walking Dead often. It will have to put up with its companion show Talking Dead, though.

If you’re hoping to see how many people tuned into The Walking Dead in Canada, however, you shouldn’t hold your breath. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever know how many people watched the show in Canada because it airs on an American network, and I don’t believe Numeris tracks how many Canadian viewers watch American networks. Their “Weekly Top 30” chart, where the information below comes from, only takes a look at “the Top 30 TV programs for all national networks and Canadian English specialty networks,” so AMC wouldn’t fit the bill.

What I can tell you, though, is that The Big Bang Theory reclaimed its title of the number one show in the country. It jumped from 2,429,000 for its September 28 broadcast on CTV to 2,625,000 for the episode that aired on October 5. NCIS, the show that was tops for the week of September 28, lost viewers instead. It went from 2,614,000 viewers for its September 29 episode to 2,569,000 for the one on October 6. It managed to become the week’s second most-watched broadcast behind The Big Bang Theory, though. (No surprise there.)

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