Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: May 27-30, 2016


The Sharks and the Penguins took a bite out of the ratings (logo via Wikimedia)

After a few really odd weeks in Canadian sports, hockey is back on top. May 30’s Sharks-Penguins match drew 1.7 million viewers over on CBC.

The thing is that’s a Monday and I don’t believe the 30th was a holiday in Canada. That means that game technically wasn’t part of the weekend. If you do drop that Sharks-Penguins match, the Raptors were on top by far with nearly 1.5 million viewers.

The Jays vs. Red Sox games on Sunday, Saturday and Friday followed, with one of those games drawing over a million viewers. Continue reading


Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: May 6-8, 2016


Actually, it’s not hard to see why more people would be more interested in the Penguins. Look at how adorable that penguin is. (logo via Wikimedia)

What’s pretty incredible, but not really surprising, is that the Raptors still can’t seem to top hockey for the life of them. Their game against the Heat on Saturday, May 7 barely cracked the million viewer mark, but a Penguins-Capitals game that aired on the same night drew over 1.6 million viewers.

While over a million viewers for the Raptors is quite an accomplishment, especially when you put it next to the ratings they drew in during the regular season, it’s still a bit low considering how well the Raptors have been performing lately and that they’re, you know, in the playoffs.

In fact it’s so low that the Jays actually came pretty close to overtaking the Raptors with their May 6 game against the Dodgers. That one also drew a hair over the million viewer mark, too.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 29-May 1, 2016


The Raptors can’t catch a break (logo via Wikimedia)

Canada’s enthusiasm for hockey was funny for a while, but now it’s downright sad. While the Raptors are absolutely killing it in the NBA playoffs, hockey still managed to trump them.

I’m not even talking a hockey game, which might make a bit of sense even though no Canadian teams made the NHL playoffs this year, I’m talking about whatever the hell the NHL draft lottery is. It drew 1,570,000 viewers, which was 40,000 viewers more than the Raptors-Pacers game. To add insult to injury, that Raptors game attracted just 30,000 more viewers than the Penguins-Capitals match that aired the same night as the draft lottery. That’s some weird stuff.

Putting that aside, the Raptors did make history with their May 1 game. According to Yahoo, their audience of 1.53 million was still a record for the largest audience for an NBA game and was the first time a basketball game brought in a bigger audience than the other programs on Canadian TV for the night. At least they have that, but can’t the Raptors get a bit more respect? Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: April 4-10, 2016

CBS, and by extension CTV, aired a double dose of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on April 6 instead of the usual Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and both episodes of the new spinoff did well. The 9 p.m. episode did a hair over 2.1 million viewers, while the 10 p.m. episode did a bit over 2.2 million. They were the first and second most-watched shows of the day and the third and fourth most-watched shows of the week, too.

The Odd Couple made a return to TV on April 7, and it did pretty damn well considering the TV landscape at the moment. It drew in over 1.8 million viewers for its second season premiere. Not too bad for a show that has had numerous on-screen adaptations. You’d think people would’ve been sick of it by now, but I guess not. Airing after The Big Bang Theory doesn’t hurt either.

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jays games  also made an appearance on the week’s chart as one collective program. (Again, I can’t figure out why Numeris does this, but it’s a thing.) The Jays games were near the bottom at 28th place for the week with 1,040,000 viewers. That’s not too bad, right?

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 8-10, 2016


The Jays’ success probably can’t offset the rest of Rogers’ nightmares (logo via Wikimedia)

If you thought the Jays’ season opener numbers were crazy, wait till you see what they did for their home opener. They managed to draw in almost 1.8 million for that game, which is pretty astonishing when you think about it. According to Yahoo, that’s a record for a Jays season opener. Duh. But you may be surprised to learn the previous record was 1.44 million, which was set back in 2013.

The less said about Hockey Night in Canada now, the better, but I suppose I should say something since Rogers dropped a cool $5.2 billion on NHL rights. So far, it’s not looking like the best investment because on top of dramatically lower numbers for the early HNIC games, we’re going into playoff season without a single Canadian team on the ice. Ouch.

Apparently this is the first time a Canadian team hasn’t made the Stanley Cup Playoffs in around 50 years, and Rogers might lose $10 million in ad revenue because of all of that, which not even the Jays or Raptors might be able to make up for. That’s again according to Chris Zelkovich over at Yahoo. (What would we do without that guy?)

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 28-April 3, 2016

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds and Survivor are the three of the biggest programs of the week. Unfortunately, they’re also three really old and creaky series, which means their time on this earth might soon come to an end. And should they go bye-bye, a bunch of viewers might disappear with them.

Of the bunch, Survivor, might, well, survive. It is one of those reality shows that feels like it could go on forever.

History has also been a bit kind to dramas as well as they’ve have had a bit more luck staying on the air, too. In fact, there are several long-running dramas on TV right now. Supernatural, Bones, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit are up there with Criminal Minds. 

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 1-3, 2016


Toronto Blue Jays (logo via Wikimedia)

Remember those anemic ratings for the Jays spring training games a few weeks back that had me wondering what happened to all the Jays fans? Well, it looks like the Jays fans didn’t disappear at all.

When the actual season started, they came back in droves. Actually, enough of them tuned in to absolutely cream Hockey Night in Canada in the ratings. That’s something I don’t think I would have ever said even a year or two ago.

Part of the reason things have changed recently is that HNIC completely collapsed in the ratings over the past few months or so. For example, the early games on Saturday, April 2 drew a little over 1.2 million, when HNIC used to do maybe 2.1 million on a good night a year or two ago.

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