Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: November 13-15, 2015

Over 675,000 people watched the Maple Leafs do what the Maple Leafs do best on November 15 (logo via Wikimedia)

A divine miracle straight from the pearly gates of heaven happened over the weekend: The numbers for the CFL and NHL spiked — in some cases dramatically.

If you remember, last week it looked like the CFL numbers were lacklustre, but a week later, people all of a sudden remembered that the CFL exists. I guess they all read my blog — the system works! Okay, okay, it probably wasn’t because of my blog.

Sunday was the kickoff of the CFL Playoffs, so naturally there would be a few more eyeballs watching. It probably helped that TSN got the bright idea to air both the Eastern Semifinal and Western Semifinal on, well, “TSN.” When TSN says that something airs on “TSN,” they mean that it’s airing on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 — TSN2 is always it’s own special kind of random, apparently. As I mentioned a few times before, TSN has dropped CFL games from certain feeds to air something else from time to time, which I’m pretty sure hurts the CFL’s ratings.  Continue reading


Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: October 9-12, 2015

Hometown Hockey is still a thing apparently (screenshot via YouTube/City)

Hometown Hockey is still a thing apparently (screenshot via YouTube/City)

Who would’ve ever thought we’d see the day that hockey would play second fiddle to baseball? Well, with the Jays in the playoffs, the second season premiere of Hometown Hockey featuring the Canadiens and Senators on October 11 got pushed over to Sportsnet One (after already being demoted from City to Sportsnet), and it only attracted 372,000 viewers.

The Jays probably aren’t the only ones to blame for Hometown Hockey’s pitiful ratings as football typically has a stranglehold on Sundays. Plus there’s The Walking Dead, Quantico and whatever other scripted nonsense you have on the broadcast networks and cable. I didn’t come across the Hometown Hockey pre-game show on the list of top-25 sporting events for the weekend, so I’m guessing it drew south of 163,000 viewers. That just adds insult to injury.

In any case, Rogers probably doesn’t really care much that Hometown Hockey is getting steamrolled because the Jays are pulling in record-breaking numbers on Sportsnet. (Monday’s Jays game nearly hit 4.4 million viewers!) However, when the World Series comes to a close or if the Jays get eliminated early, they better hope things pick up for Hometown HockeyContinue reading

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: October 3-5, 2015

The Stampeders ratings were one of the many on the decline over the weekend (logo via Wikimedia)

The Jays ratings have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately, and this weekend was probably one of the low points in the recent weeks. While the game on Saturday, October 4 drew 200,000 more viewers than the Jays match that aired the week before on Saturday, September 26, the game that aired on Sunday, October 5 plummeted when compared to the one broadcast on Sunday of the previous week. Only 1,030,000 tuned in to that match, and it shed over 500,000 viewers when compared to Sunday, September 27’s Jays game.

The Jays weren’t the only ones seeing their numbers drop over the weekend. The Stampeders match against the Tiger-Cats shed 165,000 viewers when compared to their game the week before versus the Blue Bombers. The Leafs are in the same boat. While their Friday, September 25 match against the Sabres drew an audience of 177,000 on Sportsnet 360, only 128,000 tuned in for their Friday, October 3 game versus the Red Wings on TSN4. I suppose that drop has more to do with it airing on one TSN feed and being blacked out for those outside of the Leafs’ home region than anything else. Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: March 30-April 5, 2015

Hometown Hockey has had a bit of a tumultuous run so far, but its Apr. 5 outing featuring the Leafs bested Hockey Night in Canada and was the day’s third most-watched program behind MasterChef Canada and Madam Secretary.

Actually, Hockey Night in Canada didn’t even make Numeris’ Top Programs chart for the week. In fact, not a single program that aired on Saturday, Apr. 4 made the chart. (That’s why there isn’t a Saturday chart below.)

If that wasn’t odd enough for you, the Comedy Network special The Roast of Justin Bieber actually managed to make Numeris’ chart. The special garnered 1,189,000 viewers to tie for the spot of the 26th most-watched program of the week.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: February 27-March 2, 2015

The Leafs lifted HNIC and Hometown Hockey to victory over the weekend (logo via Wikimedia)

The Leafs helped both Hockey Night in Canada and Hometown Hockey achieve ratings success over the weekend. The Leafs battled the Canadiens on Hockey Night in Canada and drew 2.1 million viewers. (However, I’m not sure if that number includes City’s Rangers/Flyers game. See the asterisk at the bottom of the page for more on that.)

Over on Sunday, the Leafs visited the Capitals on City’s Hometown Hockey, and that game drew significantly more viewers than last week’s Hometown Hockey match. To refresh your memory, it featured the Canucks and Islanders and only drew a measly 514,000 compared to the 748,000 for the Leafs/Capitals game.

Monday saw the much hyped trade deadline day coverage on both TSN and Sportsnet, and despite a rather nasty tweet controversy, llamas and not having any national NHL games, TSN easily bested whatever was on Sportsnet.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: January 1-5, 2015

IIHF’s World Juniors crushed everything else on television (logo via Wikimedia)

Canada sure loves the World Juniors. The tournament continued to dominate television over the weekend, and the final attracted an incredible six million viewers to TSN. That’s roughly three times the typical audience of Hockey Night in Canada’s early games.

Canada’s semifinal and quarterfinal World Junior matches impressed as well. Canada’s semifinal game against Slovakia drew 3.9 million, while Canada’s quarterfinal match against Denmark attracted three million.

Those games easily towered over Hockey Night in Canada’s early games, which rebounded from last week and garnered just under two million viewers, up from 900,000. Not having to go up against the World Juniors helped, no doubt, and I bet that the Habs and Leafs featured matches helped as well. Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: November 7-9, 2014

City’s Hometown Hockey attracted 1.1 million. Who knew 1.1 million people even knew what Hometown Hockey was? (logo via Wikimedia)

Stop the presses! City actually managed to garner decent ratings for once. Over 1.1 million watched Sunday’s Hometown Hockey Leafs/Sens match, which made it the second most watched sporting event of the weekend. The ratings are nearly double last week’s Hometown Hockey game.

I’m guessing the sky-high numbers are due to the rivalry between the Leafs and the Sens and because both teams are in a region where City has a better history than being the channel that only recently replaced a rather shoddy-looking multicultural station (Montreal) or a regional educational cable network (Saskatchewan).

Elsewhere, the CFL is also showing signs of life. Saturday’s Roughriders/Lions and Alouettes/Tiger-Cats games scored a decent 967,000 and 727,000 respectively. They were both strong enough to beat Hockey Night in Canada’s late game featuring the Canucks. Friday’s numbers weren’t as exciting in comparison. Only 495,000 tuned into the Stampeders/Lions game, while fewer than 400,000 bothered with the RedBlacks/Argos match.
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