Hockey Night in Canada

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: May 20-23, 2016


You’ll be singing the blues once you see the HNIC numbers for May 21’s Blues-Sharks game (logo via Wikimedia)

Do you guys remember this thing called Hockey Night in Canada? Week after week Canadians from across the country would emerge out of their igloos and gather around a TV set to watch something called a “hockey game” on Saturday nights. And they’d drink beer and watch people chase something called a “puck” with strange looking sticks on ice!

Of course, you remember Hockey Night in Canada, but on May 21, it sure didn’t seem like it. That night’s Blues vs. Sharks game only drew 900,000 viewers, which was enough to place HNIC in seventh place for the weekend! That’s right, seventh. Quite crazy isn’t it?

So what did better than HNIC? It shouldn’t be any surprise by now, but the Raptors. They took the top two spots for the weekend. Their top game averaged 1.8 million viewers. The world hockey championship final took third place for the weekend with 1,365,000 viewers on TSN. The rest were all NHL hockey games that each aired on a different day on CBC.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 8-10, 2016


The Jays’ success probably can’t offset the rest of Rogers’ nightmares (logo via Wikimedia)

If you thought the Jays’ season opener numbers were crazy, wait till you see what they did for their home opener. They managed to draw in almost 1.8 million for that game, which is pretty astonishing when you think about it. According to Yahoo, that’s a record for a Jays season opener. Duh. But you may be surprised to learn the previous record was 1.44 million, which was set back in 2013.

The less said about Hockey Night in Canada now, the better, but I suppose I should say something since Rogers dropped a cool $5.2 billion on NHL rights. So far, it’s not looking like the best investment because on top of dramatically lower numbers for the early HNIC games, we’re going into playoff season without a single Canadian team on the ice. Ouch.

Apparently this is the first time a Canadian team hasn’t made the Stanley Cup Playoffs in around 50 years, and Rogers might lose $10 million in ad revenue because of all of that, which not even the Jays or Raptors might be able to make up for. That’s again according to Chris Zelkovich over at Yahoo. (What would we do without that guy?)

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 1-3, 2016


Toronto Blue Jays (logo via Wikimedia)

Remember those anemic ratings for the Jays spring training games a few weeks back that had me wondering what happened to all the Jays fans? Well, it looks like the Jays fans didn’t disappear at all.

When the actual season started, they came back in droves. Actually, enough of them tuned in to absolutely cream Hockey Night in Canada in the ratings. That’s something I don’t think I would have ever said even a year or two ago.

Part of the reason things have changed recently is that HNIC completely collapsed in the ratings over the past few months or so. For example, the early games on Saturday, April 2 drew a little over 1.2 million, when HNIC used to do maybe 2.1 million on a good night a year or two ago.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: March 25-27, 2016


Curling is a ridiculously big deal in Canada. It’s almost too ridiculously big of a deal (logo via Wikimedia)

Canada completely embarrassed itself on the weekend of March 25 with nearly every single Women’s Worlds curling event drawing higher ratings than every other sports broadcast except the early and late games of Hockey Night in Canada

What makes this particularly bad? Canada didn’t even win a medal and the Canadian women’s curling team hasn’t been performing well lately. According to Yahoo, this year’s championship marked the first time Canada didn’t snag gold, silver or bronze since 2009, and it has been eighth straight years since the Canadian women’s curling team won gold — Canada’s longest losing streak, apparently. 

So, why is it that five curling events bested everything from Hometown Hockey, the Jays and the Raptors? (Actually, six curling events beat March 26’s Raptors game, while the team’s game airing the night before lucked out and did better than that day’s Women’s Worlds tiebreaker.) Well, damned if I know. Perhaps Canada is just a country with its priorities out of order when it comes to sports. I’m not sure. 

Anyway, for more on the weekend’s top sports events, check out Yahoo Sports Canada at the source link. 

Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: March 11-13, 2016


Could GameCentre Live be to blame for the sinking NHL numbers? (image via Rogers)

When you’re brave enough to take a look at the ratings for the weekend of March 11, you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from saying “good grief.” Well, that or a series of expletives.

March 12’s Hockey Night in Canada early games drew in 1,360,000 across CBC, Sportsnet and City. Remember way back in the day (i.e. last year) when you’d see a good 2.1 million tuning in? I guess those days are long gone.

So, what happened? Maybe in this Rogers era of the NHL, Rogers was a victim of its own success. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but when Rogers snagged the NHL rights, it started to bundle in GameCentre Live (sorry, Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™) in random packages.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: February 26-29, 2016

TSN 5 Feeds

Curling has been all over the map on TSN (image via Bell Media)

Sure, you probably know by now that curling’s a pretty big deal in Canada, but much like last week, the numbers for the Tournament of Hearts varied dramatically. In fact, the Tournament of Hearts matches that aired during the last weekend of February 2016 saw an even greater disparity between the most-watched and least-watched games.

The weekend’s weakest Tournament of Hearts event, which just happened to be Friday’s tiebreaker, drew 237,000 viewers. That was actually lower than the previous week’s lowest-rated Tournament of Hearts game, which of course you know drew 250,000 viewers because I just got around to posting that like just five minutes ago. (Sorry, guys. Things have been hectic lately.)

Anyway, when you compare the 237,000 that the Friday tiebreaker drew to the number of folks who watched the top Tournament of Hearts event, then you’ll really notice that dramatic difference I was talking about earlier. TSN drew 825,000 for the final, which made it the second most-watched event for the weekend.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: February 19-21, 2016


Anyone remember Hockey Night in Canada? (logo via Wikimedia)

Ever have that sinking feeling? You know, feeling like everything around you is slowly having a race to the bottom? Well, if you looked at the sports ratings for the weekend of February 19, you might get that feeling.

Somehow the early games of HNIC are down to drawing an audience of 1,660,000 viewers, the late game is down to 695,000 and the Tournament of Hearts sank all the way down to 250,000. It was a rough weekend all around.

Perhaps viewers are just having a case of the winter blahs and aren’t feeling up for anything — anything besides The X-Files and The Big Bang Theory, apparently.

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