Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: March 4-6, 2016


#CanadianSportsTVSoWhite? Can you name a single black curler (image via Bell Media)

The Raptors are leading the NBA’s Atlantic Division and have the second most wins of the Eastern Conference, but judging by the ratings they’ve been pulling in, you might think they were having a nightmare of a season like the 76ers. (For those of you who don’t know, which I assume is all of you considering the dreadful Raptors numbers, The 76ers are at eight wins and a good 56 losses for the season as I write this sentence.)

The Raptors’ highest rated game of the weekend was its match against the Trail Blazers, which drew in 379,000 viewers on TSN. That was good enough for ninth place for the entire weekend. So what bested the Raptors? A hell of a lot of curling and hockey, naturally. Draws 1-5 of the Tim Hortons Brier ranged from 381,000 to 579,000 viewers. Hometown Hockey and of course Hockey Night in Canada bested the Raptors, too. (The weekend’s Brier and HNIC numbers are notably down a tad, though.)

However, this is far from the worst the Raptors have seen in recent weeks. Sometimes games would even draw fewer than 200,000 viewers even though the Raptors are probably one of the NBA’s strongest teams at the moment.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: Super Bowl 50

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who skipped out on the Super Bowl this year. Almost one million fewer viewers watched Super Bowl 50 versus the big game last year.

If you’re looking for specifics, here they are: Numeris says that 7.3 million Canadians watched CTV’s broadcast of Super Bowl 50 on Sunday and one million watched RDS’ broadcast. Together 8.3 million watched Super Bowl 50 in Canada, a drop from last year’s 9.23 million.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, just over half of the country (18.2 million) tuned in to watch at least a bit of the game.

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Canadian TV Ratings: January 18-24, 2016

While the year has been in full swing for a month or so, this is my first ratings post for the new season. Hurray! I know, I thought TV would’ve been dead by now, too. It’s alive and well — very alive.

The week of January 18 happened to see the debut of The X-Files. Even though it aired at the awkward time of 10:24 on a Sunday, The X-Files drew just over three million viewers to become the week’s top program (by a good margin, too).

Other newbie DC’s Legends of Tomorrow did okay with just under two million viewers. It, too, had a bit of an odd start time for an hour-long show. Legends of Tomorrow aired at 8:31, and CTV probably decided to do that to give the show a boost from The Big Bang Theory.

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Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: January 29-31, 2016


The All-Star Game managed to not completely embarass itself this year (logo via Wikimedia)

I never really got all-star games, and it doesn’t look like the NHL does either considering how many different and completely random formats it has used over the years. This year brought along yet another format. The league moved from a fantasy draft-type event to a mini-tournament of sorts.

Well, if you didn’t know, the NHL All-Star Game aired over the weekend, and it managed to draw just under two million viewers. That’s not bad. I wouldn’t call it terribly great either, but it’s alright. It was much better than last year, that’s for sure. And those crappy ratings were probably the reason for the new all-star game format.

The All-Star Game Skills Competition has been quite popular recently, and it came mighty close to the All-Star Game itself this year with 1.9 million tuning in across CBC and Sportsnet. Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: November 23-29, 2015

Where do we even start with this hot mess of a week? Monday’s a logical place to start — how about we start there?

While some of Monday night’s shows showed some improvement from the week before, the numbers are still quite lousy. Not a single show cracked the two million viewer mark, but what’s perhaps the most interesting thing that happened that night wasn’t what was on top, but what Monday shows were near the end of Numeris’ Top Programs chart for the week. Murdoch Mysteries managed to draw more viewers than Supergirl on Global! (You hear that, NCIS: Los Angeles and Blindspot? You’re next!) City’s Scorpion made an appearance as well claiming the 24th spot for the week. It’s all just madness, I know.

The Adele special, Adele: Live in London, aired on Wednesday, November 25, and it drew monster ratings. Over 2.1 million Canadians tuned in to watch Adele do what Adele does best. That wasn’t the night’s top program, but it was mighty close. CTV/Bell had the North American exclusive rights for the special, so they pulled in that audience without a simulcast or much hype from the American press. Pretty snazzy, eh?

The Big Bang Theory was a rerun on Thursday, November 26, and it plummeted in the ratings — hard. It went from over four million viewers the week before to just below 1.8 million. When it comes to Big Bang numbers on Thursday nights, they seem to go hard or go home.  Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: November 27-29, 2015

Nearly 4.1 million watched the Eskimos take home the Grey Cup on TSN (image via Bell Media)

Well, it turns out Canadians are still in love with the CFL after all. After a kinda tumultuous season, the Grey Cup drew nearly 4.1 million viewers on TSN. The game aired live on whatever TSN without TSN2 is called. (I want to say TSN Network, but then if you go by TSN’s full name, that would be The Sports Network Network, which makes no sense.) The Grey Cup did actually air on TSN2 but just a little later. I’m not sure if those numbers are included in the 4.1 million, though.

Regardless, with that audience the Grey Cup might just beat The Big Bang Theory to become the most-watched program of the week. We’ll have to sit tight until we get the final numbers for the week of November 23 from Numeris to know for sure.

TSN’s Countdown to the Grey Cup also drew some impressive numbers with 2.5 million tuning in for that program. It easily beat Hockey Night in Canada’s early games, which attracted just under 1.9 million viewers across CBC, Sportsnet, City and OMNI.  Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: November 13-15, 2015

Over 675,000 people watched the Maple Leafs do what the Maple Leafs do best on November 15 (logo via Wikimedia)

A divine miracle straight from the pearly gates of heaven happened over the weekend: The numbers for the CFL and NHL spiked — in some cases dramatically.

If you remember, last week it looked like the CFL numbers were lacklustre, but a week later, people all of a sudden remembered that the CFL exists. I guess they all read my blog — the system works! Okay, okay, it probably wasn’t because of my blog.

Sunday was the kickoff of the CFL Playoffs, so naturally there would be a few more eyeballs watching. It probably helped that TSN got the bright idea to air both the Eastern Semifinal and Western Semifinal on, well, “TSN.” When TSN says that something airs on “TSN,” they mean that it’s airing on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 — TSN2 is always it’s own special kind of random, apparently. As I mentioned a few times before, TSN has dropped CFL games from certain feeds to air something else from time to time, which I’m pretty sure hurts the CFL’s ratings.  Continue reading