Canadian TV Ratings: April 18-24, 2016

As much as I like sitcoms, it’s pretty clear that they’re dead. Outside of The Big Bang Theory, which remains the top show in the country by far, only one other sitcom managed to crack the top-30 for the week of April 18: The Odd Couple.

The odd thing about The Big Bang Theory and The Odd Couple is that they’re not anything really special and they’re arguably not that funny. They’re really middle-of-the-road sitcoms that don’t feel like they’re doing anything really original or inventive.

That’s particularly true with The Odd Couple, which is comically unoriginal when you look at it. It’s a remake of a ‘70s TV show based on a movie, which itself was based on a play, and that TV show was remade in the ‘80s and had an animated counterpart in the mid-‘70s. That’s not to mention the sequel to the aforementioned film and the many reworkings of the original Odd Couple play. If that wasn’t enough, this new version of The Odd Couple almost resembles a ‘90s sitcom or Two and a Half Men without the half man. It’s quite mind-boggling how many things this show rehashes.

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 7-13, 2016

As a number of the country’s top shows disappeared from Numeris’ Top Programs chart for the week, we were left with a bunch of middling “hits” taking up the chart. Only two programs, The Big Bang Theory and Survivor, managed to attract over two million viewers.

Putting the missing hits aside, this is one of the weeks that you can really spot how dominant CTV is. The network held 13 out of the top 15 programs. Only Global’s Hawaii Five-O and Survivor managed to crack the top 15.

They’re both CBS imports as well. Actually, Global relies heavily on CBS. All but one of their programs that made the Top Programs chart for the week was a CBS program or a Canadian version of a CBS program. That lone non-CBS show was Shades of Blue from NBC. This week didn’t even have NCIS and its spinoffs, The Good Wife, Madam Secretary or Supergirl on the chart either.

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Canadian TV Ratings: November 16-22, 2015

Let’s talk about Monday nights, shall we? What seemed to be one of the most promising nights on TV, with established hits like Castle and NCIS: Los Angeles and buzzed about newbies like Gotham, Supergirl and Blindspot, has been in a bit of a free fall lately.

Just compared to last week, NCIS: Los Angeles lost 304,000 viewers, Supergirl shed 234,000, Castle dropped 165,000 and Gotham kissed goodbye to 129,000, and of the top bunch of programs airing on Monday night, only Blindspot gained some viewers with 133,000 more tuning in from the previous week.

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Canadian TV Ratings: November 2-8, 2015

The Big Bang Theory moseyed its way back onto Thursday nights, and you know those millions of viewers who just seemed to have disappeared when the show aired new episodes on Monday nights, they’ve all miraculously showed up. November 5’s Big Bang Theory drew 4,122,000 viewers over on CTV. The large spike from the 2,666,000 that the last Big Bang original drew on October 26 is almost certainly because simultaneous substitution is back in effect for the series. CTV is now airing the program at the same time as CBS instead of airing it a half-hour before like they did when the show was on Monday nights.

Without Big Bang Theory on Mondays, the night is now a ghost townThe top show on Monday, November 2 was Supergirl with 1,736,000 tuning in. To give you an idea of how bad that number is, two series on Friday of the same week, Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-O, drew more viewers than Monday’s new top show. Friday, as many of you probably know, is pretty much a dead night for TV. It’s not Saturday dead, but it’s still pretty lousy.

Actually, things are so bad on Mondays that CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries is almost catching up to two former hotshot series on Global and CTV. Just 283,000 viewers separate Global’s NCIS: Los Angeles and Murdoch Mysteries, and 204,000 separate Murdoch and CTV’s Gotham. Believe it or not, Gotham was actually considered the #1 fall premiere at one point last year with nearly 3.4 million viewers, so things have absolutely collapsed for the show. Being up against Supergirl, another superhero series, probably isn’t helping Gotham in the ratings, too.  Continue reading

Canadian TV Ratings: September 28-October 4, 2015

While Global can boast that NCIS was the most-watched program for the week of September 28, some of their newbie shows aren’t holding up that well. After premiering to 2,237,000 viewers, Limitless sank down to an audience of only 1,786,000. Heroes Reborn saw a similar drop with nearly 450,000 viewers not bothering to stick around for episode two. Minority Report was the 30th most-watched show for the week of September 22, so unsurprisingly it didn’t make Numeris’ Top Programs chart for the week of September 28.

In contrast, CTV’s Quantico held up very well in its second week. It was actually the second most-watched program of the week right behind Global’s NCIS. The Big Bang Theory had to settle for third place for the week with 2,429,000 viewers. How the mighty have fallen. As I said last week, The Big Bang Theory numbers may be down because more people decided to wait for the CBS broadcast or they got a severe case of Blue Jays fever. (The only prescription is more Blue Jays.)

Elsewhere, people were much more receptive to Code Black than I thought. From what I’ve seen of the series through promos and trailers, it looked quite generic, and I thought it would flatline immediately. The premiere did okay, though. It was just short of nabbing two million viewers. How many people will stick around for the full season is anyone’s guess.

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Canadian TV Ratings: September 21-27, 2015

We should have all been excited that the new TV season is officially here, but it looks like no one really gave a damn when it actually came. I had a feeling things weren’t going very well when I didn’t come across many of those self-congratulatory ratings press releases CTV and Global are known for, but I had no idea things were this dire. Yikes, let’s take a look at what went down.

The season premiere of TV’s number one show, The Big Bang Theory, took quite a tumble from last year. The eighth season premiere of The Big Bang Theory drew an astronomical 3,942,000 last year, but only 2,788,000 tuned in for the ninth season premiere this year. While that was still enough to be the week’s most-watched show, that’s a drop of 1,154,000 viewers! If that doesn’t sound crazy enough by itself, keep in mind that it’s hard for many shows on CBC or City to even crack the one million viewer mark. Yeah, it’s that big of a drop. I’m guessing a lot of people decided to watch the Jays, watch the CBS broadcast (CTV aired it a bit earlier than CBS) or people just got bored with the show.

Gotham also took quite a tumble from last season’s premiere. The season premiere of Gotham, which aired after The Big Bang Theory on CTV, drew 2,009,000 viewers down from 3,375,000 for the series premiere last year. Gotham just missed out on being one of the week’s top-ten programs and one of the day’s top-three broadcasts.

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 16-22, 2015

I bet you didn’t see this one coming: CSI: Cyber was the number one show of the week. Surprisingly, the latest spinoff of the tired CSI held enough of its audience to edge out the aging Survivor for the top spot. Although it was the most-watched program of the week, CSI: Cyber was down from the previous week’s episode.
CSI: Cyber was probably able to take the top spot in part because CTV swapped Grey’s Anatomy into The Big Bang Theory’s usual Thursday night time-slot. Grey’s Anatomy was the week’s sixth most-watched show with just over two million viewers. It likely didn’t hurt that NCIS (and its spinoffs) didn’t show up on this week’s Numeris Top Programs chart either. 
Actually, many other CBS imports (like The Amazing Race and Hawaii Five-O) weren’t there as well. That seemed to help the CBC too as Murdoch Mysteries, The Rick Mercer Report, Marketplace, Dragons’ Den and Heartland all made Numeris’ chart for the week, but they didn’t make it onto any of the charts below.

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