Big Bang Theory

Canadian TV Ratings: April 18-24, 2016

As much as I like sitcoms, it’s pretty clear that they’re dead. Outside of The Big Bang Theory, which remains the top show in the country by far, only one other sitcom managed to crack the top-30 for the week of April 18: The Odd Couple.

The odd thing about The Big Bang Theory and The Odd Couple is that they’re not anything really special and they’re arguably not that funny. They’re really middle-of-the-road sitcoms that don’t feel like they’re doing anything really original or inventive.

That’s particularly true with The Odd Couple, which is comically unoriginal when you look at it. It’s a remake of a ‘70s TV show based on a movie, which itself was based on a play, and that TV show was remade in the ‘80s and had an animated counterpart in the mid-‘70s. That’s not to mention the sequel to the aforementioned film and the many reworkings of the original Odd Couple play. If that wasn’t enough, this new version of The Odd Couple almost resembles a ‘90s sitcom or Two and a Half Men without the half man. It’s quite mind-boggling how many things this show rehashes.

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Canadian TV Ratings: April 11-17, 2016

TV press releases can make for some wacky reads. Even when it’s clear that the world is imploding around a TV network, leave it to the PR folks to spin facts or cherry pick what they’d like to make it seem like they’re not just doing fine, they’re doing great.

I’m not faulting them at all for trying because it is their job after all, but even they have to admit that what they’re trying to pull gets a bit outrageous at times.

A few weeks back Bell Media published “Ratings Bloom! CTV Claims Eight of Canada’s Top 10 Most-Watched Programs this Spring,” and the PR folks did what they do best.

Of the gems you’ll find in there is one where they tout The Catch as ranking in the top 10 new programs for the spring with 1.2 million viewers. I don’t even think they were trying with that one because 1.2 million is an absolute bomb when you place it next to some of the other hyped series premieres even if you just look back over the past two seasons. Heck, it’s not even one of the top 10 new programs of the year, which is probably why they went with “top 10 new programs this spring” instead of “top 10 new programs” to begin with.

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Canadian TV Ratings: April 4-10, 2016

CBS, and by extension CTV, aired a double dose of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on April 6 instead of the usual Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and both episodes of the new spinoff did well. The 9 p.m. episode did a hair over 2.1 million viewers, while the 10 p.m. episode did a bit over 2.2 million. They were the first and second most-watched shows of the day and the third and fourth most-watched shows of the week, too.

The Odd Couple made a return to TV on April 7, and it did pretty damn well considering the TV landscape at the moment. It drew in over 1.8 million viewers for its second season premiere. Not too bad for a show that has had numerous on-screen adaptations. You’d think people would’ve been sick of it by now, but I guess not. Airing after The Big Bang Theory doesn’t hurt either.

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jays games  also made an appearance on the week’s chart as one collective program. (Again, I can’t figure out why Numeris does this, but it’s a thing.) The Jays games were near the bottom at 28th place for the week with 1,040,000 viewers. That’s not too bad, right?

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 28-April 3, 2016

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds and Survivor are the three of the biggest programs of the week. Unfortunately, they’re also three really old and creaky series, which means their time on this earth might soon come to an end. And should they go bye-bye, a bunch of viewers might disappear with them.

Of the bunch, Survivor, might, well, survive. It is one of those reality shows that feels like it could go on forever.

History has also been a bit kind to dramas as well as they’ve have had a bit more luck staying on the air, too. In fact, there are several long-running dramas on TV right now. Supernatural, Bones, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit are up there with Criminal Minds. 

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 14-20, 2016

It looks like a ton of people were excited for the launch of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The spinoff even surpassed the original Criminal Minds in the ratings. Actually, it was the number one program in all of television for the week of March 14, drawing in over 2.6 million viewers.

The last, but ultimately unsuccessful Criminal Minds spinoff, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, debuted in eighth place for the week back in February 2011 with nearly 2.5 million viewers.

The TV landscape was far healthier back then, though. Twelve programs during that week topped two million viewers, and perhaps most surprisingly $#*! My Dad Says was among those programs. While usually looked back at as kind of a flop, the sitcom actually topped Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour.

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Canadian TV Ratings: March 7-13, 2016

As a number of the country’s top shows disappeared from Numeris’ Top Programs chart for the week, we were left with a bunch of middling “hits” taking up the chart. Only two programs, The Big Bang Theory and Survivor, managed to attract over two million viewers.

Putting the missing hits aside, this is one of the weeks that you can really spot how dominant CTV is. The network held 13 out of the top 15 programs. Only Global’s Hawaii Five-O and Survivor managed to crack the top 15.

They’re both CBS imports as well. Actually, Global relies heavily on CBS. All but one of their programs that made the Top Programs chart for the week was a CBS program or a Canadian version of a CBS program. That lone non-CBS show was Shades of Blue from NBC. This week didn’t even have NCIS and its spinoffs, The Good Wife, Madam Secretary or Supergirl on the chart either.

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Canadian TV Ratings: February 15-21, 2016

Music has been a bit of a mixed bag for City. Glee, that musical dramedy that tormented everyone for a good six seasons, ended its run on City well after the show kinda collapsed in on itself. Empire, that huge runaway hit on Fox was a huge flop on City, so much so that they yanked it partway through the season. City has simulcast NBC’s Christmastime live musicals, but the last one, The Wiz Live, didn’t even crack the top-30 for the week.

When it comes to music, City, however, also has the Grammys, and I bet the folks over at City lose their head each year when it comes to the Grammys. The Grammys are the Grammys after all, and it’s pretty much one of the few times of the year the network seems to get anything that somewhat resemble ratings that a typical TV network should bring in.

Besides the obvious clobbering that you don’t need me to tell you it got from The Big Bang Theory, it did alright despite a noticeable drop. If you want the numbers, here they are: City saw 2,462,000 tune into the Grammy Awards, down from the 2,867,000 it brought in last year.

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