A to Z

Review: A to Z is awfully familiar

A to Z's funky title card (screenshot via NBC)

A to Z’s funky title card (screenshot via NBC)


To say A to Z is a lot like How I Met Your Mother is to say ketchup is a lot like catsup. The two shows are so alike it’s uncanny.

Like How I Met Your Mother, the narrator of A to Z was the star of a late 80s/early 90s sitcom. In A to Z’s case, it’s Katey Sagal of MarriedWith Children fame, opposed to How I Met Your Mother’s Bob Saget who is arguably best known for Full House.

Also, like How I Met Your MotherA to Z tells the story of a relationship. It seems like an epic story that’s bound to be told to their kids someday. Actually, the show is already presented as if it’s a story. In one of her narrations Katey Sagal straight-up says, “Let me tell you a story.” Her narration also gives us one of the cheesy reasons for the show’s name. “This television program is the comprehensive account of their relationship from A to Z,” she says.  Continue reading



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