In about a quarter of a century yammering on and such, Dexter has written for a bunch of notable magazines and websites. If you’ve had the misfortune of missing out on all or some of that, this is your lucky day because here’s where you can check some of his work out for yourself!

He has promised me that he’d update me with new articles from time to time, but when I last saw him he said something about being really busy, minimized me to the dock and start hammering away at some articles and emails. Sad, I know. The life of a website is tough.

CPA Magazine
Dexter told me that he’s really proud of his work for CPA Magazine. He said something about doing a number of profiles of interesting Canadian accountants.
Sportscaster Magazine

If there’s one thing you should know about Dexter, it’s that he loves TV. He loves TV a lot. That’s why he was excited about the opportunity to write for Sportscaster Magazine. It’s a magazine geared to sports media professionals. He spoke with folks at CBC, TSN and Rogers for his pieces and even big companies like the WWE.


Did ya know that Yahoo ranks fifth on the list of most visited websites worldwide and it’s the most read news and media site globally? That’s why I was excited to hear that he has started writing for Yahoo. Here are some of the pieces that he has worked on so far:

CBC News

Dexter was also a researcher for the one-hour Marketplace special “Are we racist?” Yeah, he’s a busy guy. You can watch the doc at the link below.

Viva Magazine

Living with inflammatory bowel disease is tough, so Dexter wrote this piece for Viva Magazine on what to do if you’re having a flare. Thankfully websites don’t get sick, but if they did, I’d trust this guy to know what to do.

Post City Magazines
Post City Magazines is a group of magazines that goes out to some of the more affluent regions in the city of Toronto. Here are some pieces that Dexter wrote for Post City:

You may have also seen his work on/in Urbanology Magazine, Broken Pencil, TV, eh?, The Ryerson Review of Journalism, Canadian Immigrant and other magazines or websites. For more on that stuff, visit him over on LinkedIn.