Favourite Sites

Here are some other great sites to check out.

TV/Media Sites:

The home of the one and only Sir Awesomeness himself, Bill Brioux.

Broadcaster is a trade magazine focused on those in the Canadian TV industry. Even if you’re not a media professional, you’re sure to find some interesting TV news here.

The Writers Guild of Canada’s Canadian Screenwriter Magazine gives you a one-of-a-kind look at the Canadian television industry. You can find some select articles over on their site and even complete issues in their digital archives.

Channel Canada has Canadian TV press releases and a lot more.

Channel Canada’s forums are a great place to interact with some of the nation’s other TV fanatics.

CraveOnline has coverage of not only Canadian TV, but also some other notable shows from elsewhere in the world. Check out the rest of their site for a whole host of entertainment coverage.

Dude, Where’s My TV is a pretty unique blog. Presented in a series of posts to James Moore, the minister in charge of the digital television transition, it has a different take on Canadian TV. The digital television transition has come and gone, but there are still quite a few interesting posts on here.

As a site developed by the Canadian Media Production Association, the Canada Media Fund and Telefilm Canada, Eye on Canada gives you the chance to discover some great homegrown content, including some great Canadian TV shows.

Steve Faguy’s blog has a bunch of information on Canadian radio, local TV news and other media happenings that you might have a hard time finding elsewhere.

You may recognize Cameron Archer from TV, Eh? or Canadian Screenwriter Magazine, but did you know that he has his own blog? Of course he does, and it’s awesome.

James Bawden has had an epic career covering TV for 40 years for some of Canada’s biggest publications. He’s retired now, but he still blogs about TV.

Kidscreen focuses on the kids’ entertainment industry and has great content when it comes to the latest in kids’ TV.

Although Media in Canada is geared to marketers, you’ll find some great coverage of the Canadian media here including Canadian TV.

Marketed as Canada’s entertainment blog, Mike’s Bloggity Blog has periodic coverage on Canadian TV. This site also has a few contests where you can snag some free stuff, too.

You’ll find some great episodic reviews and event coverage here.

Realscreen is a trade magazine that provides great coverage of TV news across the globe.

Like its sister trade publication, Broadcaster, Sportscaster has fantastic coverage on Canadian TV geared to those in the industry that nearly anyone can get into. You might find a post or two from yours truly on Sportscaster’s site.

If you like Commerical Breakdown on my blog, you’ll love Strategy, a trade magazine for marketers.

The Globe and Mail’s television critic is always a great place to turn to for some of the latest and greatest on television.

The Toronto Star has some great TV content up online. You can find recaps, flashbacks to older shows, TV reviews and more. Think of the Toronto Star’s Television page as what this site could be if it wasn’t just me trying to piece it all together.

This site has a unique take on episodic recaps and TV.

Amber Dowling put together this great site for all of us who can’t get enough TV.

The Torontoist’s Televisualist is a lot like my What To Watch. If you’re looking for a few more shows to check out during the week, give them a try.

I’ve gotten to know Sun’s resident TV columnist over the past year. Check out his work over on the Toronto Sun site.

If you’re looking for information on hard to find, obscure, older Canadian TV programs, then this site is for you.

TV Canada is one of the many spinoffs of World Screen magazine. I believe TV Canada is one of World Screen’s online-only regional sites, but with so many spinoffs of World Screen magazine, who can keep track?

TV, eh? is the premier blog for Canadian TV. It was on hiatus for a bit, but has since returned.

I get all my TV sports ratings info here. Check him out from time to time as he has other periodic posts on other things that you’re sure to find interesting if you’re a sports fan.

Friends/Other Interesting Sites:

My buddy Chuck covers premium cable, men’s magazines and a lot more over on his blog.

Fresh Print Magazine is the hub for anything and everything 20 somethings are interested in. It’s on hiatus at the moment and should return with new content at a future date. Some of my blog posts have also appeared on Fresh Print’s site, albeit edited for brevity.

I’ve known Jeff (a.k.a. Jeffler) since high school and since then he has developed quite a reputation online for all things hockey. Check him out on Twitter as well.

Mobile Syrup has great tech coverage for the Canadian market.

Plaid Zebra is a web magazine for unconventional living from the folks who brought you Fresh Print Magazine. I’ve written a post or two for them as well.

Check out Sasha-Ann Simons’ fantastic personal blog, which covers being a mom and life in general.

(Updated: March 1, 2016)