I think I’m in love with you. Where do I find out more about you?

Check out the handy, dandy About page.

What does Blog Harder even mean?

It doesn’t…next question.

Why are you so hard on the TV industry?

It comes from love. I love TV. I really do. I’m kinda like your overbearing parents who criticize everything you do from the way you walk to how much soap you put in the washing machine. I do it because I love, and I’m completely oblivious to the irreparable damage, devastation and mental anguish it causes.

Why did you decide to fuse a tech blog and television blog together?

Because fusing two things that don’t go together has worked so well in the past. Think of the desktop mode and modern mode in Windows 8 or Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on American Idol or Billy Ray Cyrus and that random rapper or his daughter Miley and twerking. Odd and poorly thought out fusions that nobody wants are the future, and I’m ahead of the game.

Why are the daily TV ratings weeks behind at times and why do some ratings lists end at random numbers?

I get the weekly top-30 ratings info directly from Numeris and my weekend sports ratings from them via Yahoo! Sports.

You can find some ratings information that I don’t have access to on other blogs and through press releases. I may put links to them here from time to time, so you don’t have to go hunting for them yourself.

But if you’re thinking you can find the daily ratings for sports and the top-30 shows in the country elsewhere, you’re wrong. Well, that’s at least as far as I know.  I think I’m the only one who bothers to put lists like these together. You’re welcome.

Who knows though, maybe one of these days I can work with Numeris to put together a TV by the Numbers type site, but right now it’s a pipe dream.

I found a typo, minor error or you got something wrong, wrong, wrong. How do I let you know that you need to fix something?

I’m only human, one poor little guy, just out of university. I make mistakes, lots of them. In fact it’s quite a wonder how I’m still alive with all the ones I’ve made. I wish I had copy editors and fact checkers but I don’t, maybe someday, but now at the moment it’s just me, myself and I. I’m working on a way for you to drop me a line if you spot an error though but for now, just tweet me at @dexterbrown and I’ll send you a hug through the Internet.

What’s your favourite TV show of all time?

Hello, Larry. Thank God it made it to six seasons and a movie. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it hadn’t.

What TV networks do you watch the most?

WTSN: All women’s sports all the time. There’s only one way to go on this one.

X-Treme Sports: It’s x-treme.

TalkTV: Reruns of old talk shows no one wanted to watch in the first place. You can’t go wrong with that.

CoolTV: All jazz all the time.

Global Reality Channel: Endless reruns of reality shows that I already know who will win or crappy reality shows that I didn’t want to watch in the first place shoved down my throat.

FX Canada: who could get sick of seeing the same episode of Murdoch Mysteries and DaVinci’s Inquest for the 200th time. Not this guy.

FXX Canada: More Murdoch Mysteries? Yes please.

Sun News Network: It’s just so professional looking and I like how sane they make the rest of cable news look.

Super Channel: Because it is just a completely necessary TV channel. What would Canada ever do without it?

What’s your favourite season of The Golden Girls?

That’s a tricky one. I’d have to say season 11 where Blanche’s gay son replaces Sophia, who randomly left for the army.

The show also really took a turn for the better in season nine when they killed off Rue McClanahan’s character and replaced her with an Internet billionaire played by Scott Baio in the episode “Nice to Meet You, Waldo Kutcher.” I mean no one liked her, it’s not as if the show wasn’t the same without her. Am I right?

It’s a shame McClanahan’s cable show very loosely based on an obscure movie nearly a decade before didn’t take off that well though.

It’s a shame they never, ever, ever, ever, let shows run on that long anymore to the point that they’re a shadow of the terrible show they once were.

How long do you think this site will go on for?

Forever and ever.

No really?

It will probably end before I even finish typing this sente