Who am I and why did I make this blog?

Dexter Brown

Dexter Brown

The short story is that I’m a Toronto-born, twenty-something, recent university graduate who decided to start blogging about television and technology. How I got to this point will take a bit longer though.

I’ve been a television fan for as long as I can remember. When I was young, television was essentially an imagination box. It captured my attention and would be damned if it ever let it go. With television, it was possible to go from the Stone Age to the age of flying cars within 30 minutes. Animals could talk, as could sponges. You could also go from the 50s70s and 90s with the press of a button. Then sometimes it just reflected what life was like for me right at that moment.

When I grew older with the Internet at hand, I was able to learn a lot more about TV. Things like how it started, what aired when and why, who’s behind it and the legacy of the major broadcasters. I started to appreciate all that went into television and got a grasp of why some shows were successful and others were not. Sometimes it had to do with the writing, acting or the overall look or feel of the show. Sometimes the show was nearly flawless but it aired ahead of its time, came a bit too late, wasn’t a good fit for the network or had a brutal timeslot.

I felt I had a knack for determining what caused the success or failure of TV series. With ratings and television schedules easily accessible (for US shows), I essentially turned into one of those sports fans. The ones who live and breathe the game and tear apart stats, treat draft day like how I treat the upfronts and know the game inside out.

I also began to appreciate television not just as entertainment but as an art form (no, really), in fact I think it’s the world’s greatest art form. With movies and plays, you don’t get to see the characters evolve week after week for years at a time as you might with TV. TV also goes beyond the four minute or so restriction of music and the hour or so content of an album. It goes past a couple hundred pages of a novel and is much more vivid and engaging as well. It’s grand, it’s epic (when it’s done right), and unlike anything else. TV is a snapshot of what life is like, what we think, how we act, how we react, how we interact—it’s all that and a heck of a lot more. I think it’s underappreciated for its significance and the power it has in developing culture.

Here in Canada, however, the enthusiasm for our homegrown content almost seems nonexistent. There’s barely any good sites on Canadian TV, stats are hard to find and the state of Canadian television remains a mystery to me at times despite that I’m a die-hard TV fan. So that’s why I decided to tackle Canadian TV with my site. I wanted to share what’s out there and what I know. I hope with it I’ll have what I need behind me to find Canadian TV information that goes under the radar and help make it well known.

So, that explains television, but what about technology? Remember above where I said the Internet was a major tool that helped me learn about TV, and what I said about television being an imagination box? Well the Internet is good for many other things as well: watching videos, communicating, playing games and a lot more. The Internet or more specifically the things you can access the net on are a lot like imagination boxes themselves. Even without the Internet, computers, tablets and smartphones can be used to create a lot, videos, books, music or whatever. I like to see how I can harness this power to do more and with that in mind I felt technology warranted some coverage on my blog.

I’m hoping this blog will inform, engage and get you more appreciative of both television and technology, or at least give you something interesting to look at for a few minutes.

What’s the blog about again?

Dexter Brown [The Blog] is the home of many things: Canadian TV press release links, Canadian TV ratings, reviews of TV shows and a completely reformulated What To Watch. Since TV is a big part of my life, but not everything, you’ll also find the periodic tech post, a collection of some of the stuff I wrote elsewhere and the oddball article about whatever’s on my mind grapes.

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