Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: May 13-15, 2016


The Raptors are finally on top (logo via Wikimedia)

Finally! The Raptors have made it to the top of the ratings pack. God, that took forever.

For the weekend of May 13, the Raptors managed to top every other sports broadcast that aired that weekend with their May 15 game against the Heat. It managed to draw an incredible 1.5 million viewers on TSN.

Right behind them in the ratings was the Sharks-Blues game that aired on CBC on the same day with 1.4 million viewers. It was quite close, but the Raptors came out on top.

The thing is when you factor in the 200,000 MLSE apparently said watched the game on ABC, that gap widens, but, of course, ABC’s numbers don’t really count for much this side of the border.

While the Raptors were on top, Canada is still a hockey nation after all. On May 13, the Lightning-Penguins game edged out the Raptors game that aired the same night.

I suppose you could argue that the Raptors were on cable, while the NHL game was on a broadcast network and that’s still incredible. I wouldn’t argue against you. Ratings this high for basketball in Canada is like spotting a double rainbow.

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Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris