Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: May 6-8, 2016


Actually, it’s not hard to see why more people would be more interested in the Penguins. Look at how adorable that penguin is. (logo via Wikimedia)

What’s pretty incredible, but not really surprising, is that the Raptors still can’t seem to top hockey for the life of them. Their game against the Heat on Saturday, May 7 barely cracked the million viewer mark, but a Penguins-Capitals game that aired on the same night drew over 1.6 million viewers.

While over a million viewers for the Raptors is quite an accomplishment, especially when you put it next to the ratings they drew in during the regular season, it’s still a bit low considering how well the Raptors have been performing lately and that they’re, you know, in the playoffs.

In fact it’s so low that the Jays actually came pretty close to overtaking the Raptors with their May 6 game against the Dodgers. That one also drew a hair over the million viewer mark, too.

Regardless, this is just further proof that for some strange reason Canada really doesn’t seem to give a damn about basketball. Need more proof? Only 104,000 tuned into the Cavaliers at the Hawks on May 6, and a Spurs at Thunder game on the same day barely did better with 164,000 viewers. I guess the fact that we’re so indifferent to basketball is one of the many odd differences between Canada and the U.S.

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