Canadian TV Ratings: April 18-24, 2016

As much as I like sitcoms, it’s pretty clear that they’re dead. Outside of The Big Bang Theory, which remains the top show in the country by far, only one other sitcom managed to crack the top-30 for the week of April 18: The Odd Couple.

The odd thing about The Big Bang Theory and The Odd Couple is that they’re not anything really special and they’re arguably not that funny. They’re really middle-of-the-road sitcoms that don’t feel like they’re doing anything really original or inventive.

That’s particularly true with The Odd Couple, which is comically unoriginal when you look at it. It’s a remake of a ‘70s TV show based on a movie, which itself was based on a play, and that TV show was remade in the ‘80s and had an animated counterpart in the mid-‘70s. That’s not to mention the sequel to the aforementioned film and the many reworkings of the original Odd Couple play. If that wasn’t enough, this new version of The Odd Couple almost resembles a ‘90s sitcom or Two and a Half Men without the half man. It’s quite mind-boggling how many things this show rehashes.

But still over 1.6 million tuned in for a “new” episode of The Odd Couple on April 21. I was one of those people, and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you why I tuned in to the show. I’ve never liked the original ABC version of the show. I never heard of The Oddball Couple or The New Odd Couple until I stumbled across them on the Internet randomly. Also, like I mentioned earlier, it’s kinda meh. There’s nothing that makes the show special outside of it being almost the millionth version of The Odd Couple.

The only reason I could possibly see why I watch this show is that there’s literally nothing else on and I’m often desperate for a sitcom on Thursday nights. Since I gave up on The Big Bang Theory years ago, Mom got too depressing and 2 Broke Girls is 2 Broke Girls, what else is there? You don’t expect me to go digging through Netflix for something to watch like an animal, do you?

For the rest of Canada still watching Sheldon and the gang, I bet airing after The Big Bang Theory is a big reason why the show is able to pull in the audience it does. Both shows air on CBS and CTV — both very strong networks — but when you look at most of the other sitcoms on Canadian network TV, the vast majority air on City, which has had a lot of trouble in the ratings. Others like The Carmichael Show and Crowded don’t have a Canadian home.

So with that, sitcoms are a rarity on Numeris’ Top Programs chart.

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Source: Numeris

(Featured Image: Promotional image of The Odd Couple‘s April 21, 2016 episode “From Here to Maturity”)