Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 22-24, 2016


I don’t think anyone could make sense of the Raptors ratings (logo via Wikimedia)

So we’re into the second week of the NHL playoffs and the numbers are still abysmal. There’s no surprise there considering the shockingly low numbers from the first week of the playoffs. The weekend’s top game was a Panthers-Islanders match that drew 1.2 million viewers. That’s better than the previous weekend’s top NHL playoffs game but still pretty awful.

The Jays have been doing alright, though. That’s especially considering that they’ve been shuffled off to Sportsnet One. The weekend’s Jays games ranged from 651,000 to 739,000. While that’s a bit disappointing considering how the team has performed in the ratings lately, that’s nothing compared to the Raptors.

The weekend’s top Raptors game didn’t even manage to crack the top-10 sports events for the weekend. It came in at 379,000 viewers, which is very odd considering they’re in the playoffs. C’mon, people.

For much more on the depressingly low Raptors ratings and the weekend’s other sports, checkout Yahoo Sports Canada at the source link.

Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris