Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 15-18, 2016


Oh how the mighty have fallen (logo via Wikimedia)

Well, the numbers for the first week of this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs are in, and they’re enough to make your heart sink.

The weekend’s top game was between the Flyers and the Capitals, and it only drew 967,000 viewers. Yes, you read that right. Fewer than a million people tuned in, and it gets worse, much worse. The Stanley Cup Playoffs games bottomed out at 341,000 viewers for Saturday’s Wild-Stars match.

So, even the Raptors managed to do better than eight of the weekend’s Stanley Cup Playoff games, and Saturday’s Jays match did better than all but one of the weekend’s NHL games.

If you want a real jolt, you should compare what we saw last year to this year. The top game for the first weekend of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year drew nearly 3.5 million viewers and that wasn’t even the only game that attracted over three million viewers that weekend.

The weird thing is that even an all-American match last year drew in significantly more viewers than what we’ve seen this year. For example, an opening weekend match between the Penguins and the Rangers brought in a hair over 1.6 million viewers last year. Go figure.

If it’s any consolation, between hockey, the Raptors, the Jays and curling, Rogers/Sportsnet was able to completely shut out their main rival Bell/TSN. TSN’s top sporting event on the weekend was the F1 Chinese Grand Prix, which only drew in 160,000 viewers. Those numbers are quite depressing, aren’t they?

If you’re brave enough, check out Yahoo Sports Canada for more on the weekend’s sports ratings.

Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris