Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: April 8-10, 2016


The Jays’ success probably can’t offset the rest of Rogers’ nightmares (logo via Wikimedia)

If you thought the Jays’ season opener numbers were crazy, wait till you see what they did for their home opener. They managed to draw in almost 1.8 million for that game, which is pretty astonishing when you think about it. According to Yahoo, that’s a record for a Jays season opener. Duh. But you may be surprised to learn the previous record was 1.44 million, which was set back in 2013.

The less said about Hockey Night in Canada now, the better, but I suppose I should say something since Rogers dropped a cool $5.2 billion on NHL rights. So far, it’s not looking like the best investment because on top of dramatically lower numbers for the early HNIC games, we’re going into playoff season without a single Canadian team on the ice. Ouch.

Apparently this is the first time a Canadian team hasn’t made the Stanley Cup Playoffs in around 50 years, and Rogers might lose $10 million in ad revenue because of all of that, which not even the Jays or Raptors might be able to make up for. That’s again according to Chris Zelkovich over at Yahoo. (What would we do without that guy?)

So the Stanley Cup Playoffs situation is an absolute disaster for Rogers especially considering the hot mess City is and the even bigger hot mess that is their cable channels. City would be lucky to have one or two programs crack the top 30 in a week. And how many people watch G4 on a given day? Four? Eight? How many times is Viceland going to rerun The Big Lebowski? How many times is FX going to air Murdoch Mysteries? Are they trying to see how many times they can rerun the same episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia before the tape falls apart?

It’s all a friggin’ nightmare over at Rogers Media, and it seems like they really need that hockey ad revenue, which probably isn’t coming in any time soon. But then again, considering that I’m paying over $100 for a single cell phone line from Rogers, it’s kinda hard to argue that they need even more money.

For more on the weekend’s top sports broadcasts, check out Yahoo Sports Canada at the source link.