Canadian TV Ratings: March 14-20, 2016

It looks like a ton of people were excited for the launch of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The spinoff even surpassed the original Criminal Minds in the ratings. Actually, it was the number one program in all of television for the week of March 14, drawing in over 2.6 million viewers.

The last, but ultimately unsuccessful Criminal Minds spinoff, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, debuted in eighth place for the week back in February 2011 with nearly 2.5 million viewers.

The TV landscape was far healthier back then, though. Twelve programs during that week topped two million viewers, and perhaps most surprisingly $#*! My Dad Says was among those programs. While usually looked back at as kind of a flop, the sitcom actually topped Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour.

For the week of the premiere of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, only five programs topped two million viewers, and the only one that premiered after 2011 was NCIS: New Orleans.

A lot of the new “hits” that hit TV since Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour aired have started to sink like a stone. How to Get Away with Murder wasn’t even able to draw 1.2 million for its season finale. In the same week, Gotham drew below 1.4 million.

Even some of the big U.S. imports are struggling to stay above established Canadian shows. Murdoch Mysteries is now edging out Supergirl, and Quantico is barely above MasterChef Canada in the ratings.

So what happens when old reliable series like Survivor, the NCIS franchise, Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory go off the air? I guess the bar is going to be set far lower for what is considered a TV “hit.”

Anyway, for more on the week’s top programs, check out Numeris at the source link.

Source: Numeris

(Featured Image: Promotional image for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders via Bell Media)