Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: March 18-20, 2016


Perhaps if Sportsnet found the right outlet for the Jays spring season games, their numbers wouldn’t be so low (image via

I’m not too sure if I’ve been half asleep for most of March because I only just realized that the Jays are back. Apparently they’ve been in spring training since at least March 1.

Anyway, remember back in October when 5.12 million tuned into a Jays game? Well, only 344,000 bothered to watch the Jays face off against the Pirates on Sunday, March 20. If you think that’s bad, it gets worse. Only 192,000 watched the Jays vs. the Astros on Friday, March 18. That was good enough for 17th place for the weekend.

So, what happened? First of all, let’s state the obvious: A playoff game can’t compare to spring training. Duh. But when you look beyond that, you’ll see something interesting.

Apparently many of the Jays spring training games aired at 1 p.m., and it also looks like a number of these games were broadcast on, which I think may have dampened interest in spring training. Perhaps if all the games aired later in the day and on TV (even on Sportsnet One or Sportsnet 360), I bet more people would’ve tuned in.

Let’s hope that when things really get underway for the Jays that more of the folks who tuned in to see them in the playoffs will watch.

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Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris