Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: February 26-29, 2016

TSN 5 Feeds

Curling has been all over the map on TSN (image via Bell Media)

Sure, you probably know by now that curling’s a pretty big deal in Canada, but much like last week, the numbers for the Tournament of Hearts varied dramatically. In fact, the Tournament of Hearts matches that aired during the last weekend of February 2016 saw an even greater disparity between the most-watched and least-watched games.

The weekend’s weakest Tournament of Hearts event, which just happened to be Friday’s tiebreaker, drew 237,000 viewers. That was actually lower than the previous week’s lowest-rated Tournament of Hearts game, which of course you know drew 250,000 viewers because I just got around to posting that like just five minutes ago. (Sorry, guys. Things have been hectic lately.)

Anyway, when you compare the 237,000 that the Friday tiebreaker drew to the number of folks who watched the top Tournament of Hearts event, then you’ll really notice that dramatic difference I was talking about earlier. TSN drew 825,000 for the final, which made it the second most-watched event for the weekend.

Yeah, you read that right. It even beat out the late HNIC game between the Senators and the Flames. Actually, considering that not many people even bothered to watch the late HNIC game the week before, I suppose it shouldn’t be that surprising.

For the weekend at hand, the main early games of HNIC topped the weekend by a good margin, but they’re still pretty low by HNIC standards. Saturday’s Leafs vs Canadiens game and Red Wings vs Avalanche game drew 1,660,000 across CBC and City, which was exactly how many tuned in for the previous week’s early HNIC games. I guess there are exactly 1,660,000 die-hard hockey fans in the country.

Yahoo Sports Canada has much more on the weekend’s top sporting events, including NHL trade deadline numbers, at the source link.