Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: February 12-14, 2016


The NBA got popular all of a sudden (logo via Wikimedia)

Once you get over the rather sad numbers for the early HNIC games, you’ll find something pretty sweet when you take a look at the weekend’s sports ratings. The NBA All-Star numbers were…okay.

First of all, there was something a bit odd about the NBA All-Star Weekend. The games/events aired on TSN and its archrival Sportsnet.

Two of the All-Star events (All-Star Saturday Night and the All-Star Game) drew over 900,000 viewers, and Friday’s Celebrity Challenge did pretty decently too with 731,000 viewers.

So why did it do so well when Raptors games sometimes struggle to draw 200,000 viewers even though that the Raptors are one of the NBA’s top teams? That’s a bit of a mystery, but it probably helped that the All-Star Weekend took place in Toronto, and it was the first one held outside of the U.S.

For more on some of the weekend’s other top events, check out Yahoo Sports Canada at the source link below.

Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris