Canadian TV Ratings: January 25-31, 2016

The week of January 25 was a big one. You had the NHL All-Star Game and Grease: Live (on the same night, too), but let’s start with the weekly TV ratings chaos that is Monday nights.

Mondays have been the Random McRandomson of TV for a little while now, and Monday, January 25 wasn’t an exception. You had The X-Files at the top with 2,685,000 viewers, which also made it the week’s top show, and Lucifer, the day’s and the week’s second most-watched show with 2,292,000.

So, can I call it? Do we now have two new kings of Monday night? I’m not too sure about that because look what happened to Supergirl.

It started out with 2,263,000 viewers, but it’s actually drawing fewer viewers than Murdoch Mysteries now. Murdoch Mysteries drew 1,412,000 for its January 25 episode, while Supergirl saw 1,382,000 tune in. Those two shows go directly head-to-head at the 8 p.m. hour as well, but they’re also up against the aforementioned X-Files.

Monday at 8 p.m. wasn’t the only big showdown of the week. Things got real Sunday at 7 p.m., too. That’s when two pretty big specials, the NHL All-Star Game and Grease: Live, overlapped. The All-Star Game drew more viewers than Grease: Live, but it was close. The All-Star Game drew just over two million viewers, while 1,929,000 watched Grease: Live on CTV. They were the week’s fifth and sixth most-watched programs respectively.

For more on the week’s top programs, check out the full Numeris Top Programs chart for the week.

Featured Image: Promotional image for Grease: Live via Bell Media