Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: January 29-31, 2016


The All-Star Game managed to not completely embarass itself this year (logo via Wikimedia)

I never really got all-star games, and it doesn’t look like the NHL does either considering how many different and completely random formats it has used over the years. This year brought along yet another format. The league moved from a fantasy draft-type event to a mini-tournament of sorts.

Well, if you didn’t know, the NHL All-Star Game aired over the weekend, and it managed to draw just under two million viewers. That’s not bad. I wouldn’t call it terribly great either, but it’s alright. It was much better than last year, that’s for sure. And those crappy ratings were probably the reason for the new all-star game format.

The All-Star Game Skills Competition has been quite popular recently, and it came mighty close to the All-Star Game itself this year with 1.9 million tuning in across CBC and Sportsnet.

Outside of the two main NHL all-star events, however, barely anyone bothered to watch any sports over the weekend, which is particularly disappointing considering how well the Raptors are doing. Saturday’s Raptors-Pistons game drew only 268,000 on Sportsnet One, and it was the weekend’s third most-watched sporting event. You read that right. That’s the kind of weekend it was. Men’s curling drew 213,000 on Sunday, but everything else, including more curling, the NFL Pro Bowl, skiing, tennis and golf, was south of 200,000 viewers.

What a weekend! For more, check out Yahoo Sports Canada at the source link.

Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris