Canadian TV Ratings: November 16-22, 2015

Let’s talk about Monday nights, shall we? What seemed to be one of the most promising nights on TV, with established hits like Castle and NCIS: Los Angeles and buzzed about newbies like Gotham, Supergirl and Blindspot, has been in a bit of a free fall lately.

Just compared to last week, NCIS: Los Angeles lost 304,000 viewers, Supergirl shed 234,000, Castle dropped 165,000 and Gotham kissed goodbye to 129,000, and of the top bunch of programs airing on Monday night, only Blindspot gained some viewers with 133,000 more tuning in from the previous week.

So, what’s going on there? I have absolutely no idea. Okay, okay, I suppose I should take a stab at it. (That’s kinda what this blog is all about, isn’t it?)

In the 8 p.m. hour, Gotham no longer has the benefit of a new Big Bang Theory as a lead-in, and it faces some surprisingly steep competition from the CBC of all places. Murdoch Mysteries now typically brings in over 1.2 million viewers, and that’s not to mention that there’s also Dancing with the Stars over on ABC, while CTV Two has The Voice.

Supergirl is in the same time-slot and faces many of the same issues. However, it’s in more trouble as it’s a new show and viewers are still defecting from it. That’s also the case for Supergirl stateside as well. There’s one minor thing about November 16’s Supergirl episode — it wasn’t the one originally scheduled to air that day. Due to the attacks in Paris just days before, CBS pulled the episode that was originally supposed to air on the 16th and replaced it with a Thanksgiving episode that was supposed to air the following week. Airing episodes out of order is an easy way to kill a series, but considering the episode in question had to do with terrorism, it was likely a good call by CBS to do so anyway.

The 9 p.m. hour is where we have the Blindspot anomaly, but that may be because it has virtually no competition. You do have the second hours of The Voice and Dancing with the Stars, but CBC’s This Life and Global’s Minority Report are huge flops. City has one of its highest-rated shows in that time-slot, Scorpion, but who really watches City? The particularly odd thing about Blindspot is that it should be one of the shows with the lowest numbers as it airs out of simulcast with NBC.

The 10 p.m. hour is probably one of the strangest. As I said earlier, NCIS: Los Angeles is an established show, and it’s tied to one of the strongest TV franchises out there. Its sister show NCIS is often the second most-watched show behind The Big Bang Theory and NCIS: New Orleans isn’t that far behind. Despite its NCIS ties, NCIS: Los Angeles is floundering in the ratings in comparison. NCIS: Los Angeles doesn’t seem to have a good lead-in, too. Folks watching NCIS: Los Angeles on their local CBS feed had Scorpion as a lead-in, while those who watched it on Global (like you were supposed to, jerk) had Minority Report as a lead-in. Maybe people have had it with all the procedurals on TV. However, like Supergirl, its November 16 episode was suddenly pulled due to the Paris attacks, so that could’ve been a reason for its sharp decline that day.

Castle’s free fall is more puzzling, though. It has been a pretty consistent strong performer in Canada for a little while now. In the U.S., though, it’s dangerously close to getting cancelled due to the numbers it’s pulling in and its age. Maybe it’s just taking Canadians a little longer than their neighbours south of the border to tire of the show.

Anyway, for more on the week’s top shows, check out my charts below and Numeris at the source link.

Top programs for Monday, November 16, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 11 Castle CTV 10:01-11 p.m. 1,794,000
2 14 CTV Evening News* CTV 6-7 p.m. 1,721,000
3 15 Blindspot CTV 9-10:01 p.m. 1,675,000

Top programs for Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 2 NCIS Global 8-9 p.m. 2,624,000
2 3 NCIS: New Orleans Global 9-10 p.m. 2,295,000
3 7 Agents of SHIELD CTV 9-10 p.m. 1,960,000

Top programs for Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 5 Criminal Minds CTV 9-10 p.m. 2,168,000
2 6 Survivor Global 8-9 p.m. 2,125,000
3 12 Code Black CTV 10-11 p.m. 1,768,000

Top programs for Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 1 The Big Bang Theory CTV 8-8:31 p.m. 4,041,000
2 10 The Blacklist Global 9-10 p.m. 1,795,000
3 13 How to Get Away with Murder CTV 10-11 p.m. 1,763,000

Top programs for Friday, November 20, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 9 Blue Bloods CTV 10-11 p.m. 1,814,000
2 14 CTV Evening News* CTV 6-7 p.m. 1,721,000
3 15 Hawaii Five-O** Global 9-10 p.m. 1,675,000

Top programs for Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 27 HNIC Prime East CBC 7:01-10 p.m. 1,326,000
2 30 CTV National News* CTV 11-11:30 p.m. 1,225,000

Top programs for Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rank for day Rank for week Show Network Time Total viewers
1 4 American Music Awards CTV 8-11:10 p.m. 2,171,000
2 24 Madam Secretary Global 8-9 p.m. 1,382,000
3 30 CTV National News* CTV 11-11:30 p.m. 1,225,000

These numbers cover all viewers over the age of two who watched the above programs live or within seven days of the show’s initial broadcast. The times listed above are shown in Eastern Time. The total number refers to the “average minute audience.” Note that programs that have asterisks next to them aired on multiple days. 

*Numbers and times provided are for multiple broadcasts:

CTV Evening News (Monday-Friday)

CTV National News (Everyday)

**Hawaii Five-O tied with Blindspot for 15th place for the week

Source: Numeris

(Featured Image: NCIS: Los Angeles promotional image via Shaw Media)