Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: November 20-22, 2015

Rostelecom Cup

Rostelecom Cup (logo via

Figure skating seems like a sport that gets forgotten a lot. Can you blame people for that, though? The sport mostly consists of people skating on a patch of ice and jumping or spinning around when they feel like it. It’s essentially a dancing competition on ice — a really dangerous dancing competition. One bad move and you might get a blade to the face, a concussion or both.

Well, apparently someone out there’s watching figure skating. The Rostelecom Cup was Saturday’s third most-watched event with 213,000 viewers. Sunday’s Rostelecom Cup coverage did even better with 255,000 tuning in, but it’s not on Sunday’s chart below because Sunday is far more competitive than Saturday when it comes to sports for whatever reason.

So, how well did the Rostelecom Cup do? Sunday’s coverage did better than Friday’s Raptors game on Sportsnet. That game drew 230,000 viewers. Both Sunday’s and Saturday’s coverage crushed Sunday’s Raptors game (142,000), Saturday’s UFC match featuring Magny and Gastelum (142,000) and even Friday’s Blackhawks-Flames match (187,000).

I suppose you could argue that’s not a fair comparison as those other events aired on cable while the Rostelecom Cup aired on the CBC, but speed skating aired on the CBC on Saturday as well and it drew only 96,000 viewers. I guess there is an audience out there for figure skating, but I hope that people aren’t just watching it to see someone get a concussion.

For more on the weekend’s top sports, check out my charts below and visit Yahoo Sports Canada at the source link.

Top sports events for Friday, November 20, 2015

Rank for day Rank for weekend Sports event Network Viewers
1 6 Maple Leafs at the Hurricanes (NHL) Sportsnet Ontario 513,000
2 12 Raptors at the Lakers (NBA) Sportsnet 230,000
3 14 Blackhawks at the Flames (NHL) Sportsnet West 187,000

Top sports events for Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rank for day Rank for weekend Sports event Network Viewers
1 1 Hockey Night in Canada — early games (NHL) CBC/Sportsnet/City/OMNI 1,810,000
2 4 Blackhawks at the Canucks (NHL) CBC/Sportsnet/OMNI* 884,000
3 13 Rostelecom Cup (Figure Skating) CBC 213,000

Top sports events for Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rank for day Rank for weekend Sports event Network Viewers
1 2 Stampeders at the Eskimos (CFL) TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5 1,300,000
2 3 Tiger-Cats at the Redblacks (CFL) TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5 1,095,000
3 5 NFL 4:25 p.m. games CTV/CTV Two** 765,000

The numbers above are Numeris’ overnight ratings for sports events on English-language Canadian TV. If any of these games or events were also broadcast on an American network available in Canada, the viewers who watched the American broadcast are not included in the numbers above.

*CBC is listed as the only broadcaster for this game on Yahoo, but a Sportsnet press release says that the game aired on CBC, Sportsnet and OMNI.

**Yahoo lists CTV as the only broadcaster for the 4:25 p.m. games, but a Bell Media press release says that a game aired on CTV Two.

Source: Yahoo Sports Canada/Numeris