Yankees at the Jays becomes Sportsnet’s most-watched series ever

Sportsnet (logo via Wikimedia)

Sportsnet (logo via Wikimedia)

Sportsnet shared some info on the Jays ratings recently, and as you can probably expect by now, the Jays are continuing to draw in huge numbers.

Actually, the three-game series earlier this week between the Jays and the Yankees was Sportsnet’s most-watched series ever. It drew an average audience of 1.9 million from Monday to Wednesday.

According to Sportsnet, Monday’s game drew an average audience of 1.8 million, Tuesday’s game delivered 2.04 million and Wednesday’s game saw 1.95 million tune in.

Tuesday’s game was just 1,100 viewers shy of cracking the record of Sportsnet’s most-watched broadcast. The record was actually set just a few weeks before on August 14, and it too was a Jays-Yankees game. Apparently, the audience for Tuesday’s game peaked at 10:17 p.m. ET with over 3.46 million watching Sportsnet. Whoa.

Sportsnet says that September’s Jays games have averaged 1.6 million viewers as of September 23 and that every game in September topped the one million viewer mark. Earlier, Sportsnet said that August’s broadcasts drew an average audience of 1.29 million with 23 of the Jays August broadcasts delivering an audience of over a million. Over the course of the season so far, 48 games have drawn over a million viewers. The season-to-date average audience is 933,000, which of course is the highest average the Jays have seen on Sportsnet. The average audience has also spiked up 59 per cent season-to-date to what the Jays drew last year.

Pretty wild stuff, eh? Keep an eye on the Ratings section of The Blog for more on the crazy Jays ratings.

Source: Sportsnet