T+E (logo via Wikimedia)

T+E (logo via Wikimedia)

Toronto, ON (March 6, 2015)Blue Ant Media today unveiled its spring programming lineup for T+E. The specialty channel focusing on adventure and suspense series kicks off its schedule on Sunday, March 8 with new shows including So You Think You’d Survive, Boomtowners, Walking the Nile, and Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, plus fresh episodes of perennial favourites BBQ Crawl, Boogeymen and Wives with Knives.

To ensure maximum exposure of the schedule packed with new content, T+E is in free preview with cable and satellite providers coast-to-coast during March and April. During this window, television customers can not only access the channel, but also catch up on T+E programs through VOD offerings on select providers.

“From shark attacks to paranormal confrontations around the world, T+E delivers bold content that is sure to entertain and engage viewers of all ages,” said Vanessa Case, Executive Vice President, Content, Blue Ant Media. “We are thrilled to share this jam packed new lineup with an even wider audience of over 10 million households thanks to T+E’s free preview event.”

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