Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: December 26-29, 2014

(Image via Bell Media)

If the World Juniors numbers are any indication, it looks like TSN’s five feeds scheme is working (image via Bell Media)

The World Juniors numbers have been so huge so far that it’s hard not to be floored by them. Boxing Day’s match between Canada and Slovakia drew more than 2.4 million viewers to TSN, and that’s not the only World Juniors game that attracted an astronomical audience. Two other matches, Saturday’s Canada/Germany game and Monday’s Canada/Finland match, managed to creep over the two-million-viewer mark.

With those numbers, the World Juniors absolutely crushed Hockey Night in Canada. HNIC‘s early games drew just under 900,000 viewers. That’s significantly lower than the two million or so the matches normally bring in. However, I suppose it’s worth mentioning that HNIC’s numbers have been slipping recently, but they haven’t been anywhere as low as that. HNIC’s early games, which are often easily the weekend’s most watched sporting event had to settle for sixth place for the weekend. That has to be depressing news for the folks at Rogers who plunked down a few billion for the NHL rights.

While all three of the Canadian World Juniors matches attracted over two million viewers, the other games pulled in impressive numbers as well. Boxing Day’s Finland/US showdown garnered more than one million viewers, something Chris Zelkovich over at Yahoo! Sports called “shocking.” He also said the audience was actually the largest ever recorded for a preliminary match that Canada wasn’t involved in. 

So it looks like in the rather ridiculous TSN five feeds/Sportsnet NHL showdown, we gotta chalk up a point for TSN with those absolutely crazy World Juniors numbers.

For more on the World Juniors ratings (brace yourself), check out the charts below and Zelkovich at the source link.

Top games for Friday, December 26, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 1 Canada vs. Slovakia (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 2,478,000
2 4 Finland vs. the U.S. and Denmark vs. Russia (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 1,123,000
3 19 Switzerland vs. Czech Republic (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 200,000

Top games for Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 3 Canada vs. Germany (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 2,072,000
2 6 Hockey Night in Canada—early games (NHL) CBC/various Rogers stations 899,000
3 7 Oilers vs. the Flames and Sharks vs. the Kings (NHL) CBC/various Rogers stations 659,000

Top games for Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 5 Lions vs. the Packers and Rams vs. the Seahawks (NFL) CTV 1,093,000
2 9 Canucks at the Ducks (NHL) City 569,000
3 10 Bengals at the Steelers (NFL) TSN 542,000

Top games for Monday, December 29, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 2 Canada vs. Finland (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 2,240,000
2 13 U.S. vs. Slovakia (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 416,000
3 18 Sweden vs. Russia (IIHC/WHJC) TSN 206,000

The numbers above are Numeris’ overnight ratings for sports events on English-language Canadian TV. If these games were also broadcast on an American network available in Canada, those numbers are not included.

 Source: Yahoo! Sports Canada/Numeris