Behind the Words: Boneshaker Magazine

My Boneshaker Magazine piece up on the Plaid Zebra

My Boneshaker Magazine piece up on the Plaid Zebra

There’s more to me than television and technology. Take a glimpse behind some of the work that goes into my freelance writing projects in Behind the Words.

Boneshaker Magazine is a different kind of publication. Designed to be collected, Boneshaker is an ad-free, perfect-bound, independent cycling magazine focused on biking culture opposed to bikes themselves as you’d typically find with other cycling magazines.

I spoke with Boneshaker‘s Mike White via Skype for Plaid Zebra. Naturally passionate about bikes as one of the magazine’s editors, White has biked for as long as he could remember and cycling runs deep in his family.

“I’m one of ten kids, loads of brothers and sisters, my parents had a reasonably big back garden and we’d all tear around it in big loops and figures of eights on our bikes trying not to crash into each other. They were happy memories,” he said in a part that didn’t make the cut.

As there were a lot of great moments in the interview, I decided to keep the piece as a raw question and answer format. To learn more about Boneshaker and Mike White, check out the final piece over at the Plaid Zebra.