November on The Blog: Snow Dexter

October was an absolutely huge month for The Blog. Actually, October was so big that it more than tripled the number of hits of the month before. (Who knew so many of you had problems with iMessage and FaceTime?)

Anyway, since we’re well into the new TV season and most of the new and returning shows have already premiered, I thought it might be a good idea to cool it with the reviews and to instead focus on a few of the other sides of the site to keep things rolling. I’ve already updated What To Watch with the latest schedule changes and I’m planning new instalments of Behind The Words, which offers a peak at my freelance career and Commercial Breakdown, my ad analysis series.

I’m also working on ways to add a bit of polish to The Blog. For example, the fall schedule links have moved from the sidebar to the main menu at the top under What to Watch: Fall 2014 and the giant “Featured Content” slider on the home page is going away for now.

Think of November on The Blog as what Snow Leopard was to OS X—not messing with what works, but rather stepping back and fine-tuning everything so it’s better than ever. I suppose every month is like that for The Blog, but it feels like it will be particularly true for November.