Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: October 24-26, 2014

If ratings are any indication, Flames fans have vanished off the face of the earth (logo via Wikimedia)

While Hockey Night in Canada’s early games are seemingly rock steady, pulling in the same number of viewers this week as it did last (2.2 million), HNIC’s late game featuring the Capitals and the Flames, however, only managed to attract 424,000. That’s almost half the viewership of last week’s Lightning/Canucks match. Where are you Flames fans?

Things are starting to go from bad to worse for the CFL as well. While last weekend’s top game snagged a relatively anemic 732,000, this weekend’s top match couldn’t even hit the 700,000 mark, having to settle for only 680,000 for Saturday’s Lions/Blue Bombers game.

Comparatively, the NFL also took a bit of a hit. CTV’s random assortment of NFL games dropped from 893,000 last week to 748,000, while Sunday’s Colts/Steelers match on CTV did marginally better with 784,000 tuning in.

Take a look at the charts below for more info and visit Yahoo! Sports at the source link for even more.

Top games for Friday, October 24, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 8 Roughriders at the Stampeders (CFL) TSN 594,000
2 9 Royals at the Giants (MLB) Sportsnet 554,000
3 12 Alouettes at the RedBlacks (CFL) TSN 424,000

Top games for Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 1 Hockey Night In Canada—early games (NHL) CBC (and various Rogers networks) 2,200,000
2 4 Hockey Night In Canada pregame show (NHL) CBC 684,000
3 5 Lions at the Blue Bombers (CFL) TSN 680,000

Top games for Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 2 Colts at the Steelers (NFL) CTV 784,000
2 3 Various games (NFL) CTV 748,000
3 10 Royals at the Giants (MLB) Sportsnet 541,000

The numbers above are Numeris’ overnight ratings for sports events on English-language Canadian TV. If these games were also broadcast on an American network available in Canada, those numbers are not included.

Source: Yahoo! Sports Canada/Numeris (formerly BBM Canada)