Canadian TV Ratings [Sports]: October 10-13, 2014

Rogers Night In Canada: Their $5.2 billion plan to rule the airwaves with hockey encountered a few bumps in the road (logo via Wikimedia)

This weekend was the first of Rogers’ $5.2 billion plan to rule the airwaves with NHL hockey, and depending on how you look at it, they may have been victorious or may have severely underwhelmed.

According to Chris Zelkovich over at Yahoo! Sports, Rogers announced that Hockey Night in Canada had an audience reach of 9.8 million viewers, which was a record, but they averaged 2.23 million for the early games. Believe it or not, that was actually lower than the audience for the first Saturday night of last season.

The 2.3 million easily beat out last week’s top sporting event though. That was a CFL game, which drew 913,000. Even Sunday’s NHL match on City (the Leafs at the Rangers) blew past it with 1,007,000 tuning in.

However, not all of the NHL’s weekend matches did particularly well. According to Zelkovich again, the Senators/Lighting game on Sportsnet One only had an audience of 112,000 and only 15,000 watched the Capitals/Bruins game on FX Canada. I guess not even hockey can save FX Canada. 

To learn more about the weekend’s top sports, check out the charts below and visit Zelkovich at the source link.

Top games for Friday, October 10, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 7 Tiger-Cats at the Argonauts (CFL) TSN 636,000
2 10 Royals at the Orioles (MLB) Sportsnet 503,000

Top games for Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 1 Penguins vs. the Leafs/Canadiens vs. the Flyers/Senators vs. the Lightning/Flames vs. the Blues/Capitals vs. the Bruins (NHL) CBC (and various Rogers networks) 2,230,000
2 2 Oilers vs. the Canucks/Sharks vs. the Jets (NHL) CBC (and various Rogers networks) 1,310,000
3 9 Hockey Night In Canada pre-game (NHL) CBC 545,000

Top games for Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 3 Leafs at the Rangers (NHL) City 1,007,000
2 4 Cowboys at the Seahawks (NFL) CTV 843,000
3 8 Patriots vs. the Bills/Packers vs. the Dolphins/Lions vs. the Vikings (NFL) CTV 606,000

Top games for Monday, October 13, 2014

Rank for day Rank for weekend Game Network Total viewers
1 5 Blue Bombers at the Eskimos (CFL) TSN 843,000
2 6 Roughriders at the Alouettes (CFL) TSN 782,000
3 11 49ers at the Rams (NFL) TSN 482,000

The numbers above are Numeris’ overnight ratings for sports events on English-language Canadian TV. If these games were also broadcast on an American network available in Canada, those numbers are not included.

Source: Yahoo! Sports Canada/Numeris (formerly BBM Canada)