Press Release: Salt + Light Television Launches New Roku Channel

Salt + Light Television (logo via Wikimedia)

Sept. 2, 2014 – TORONTO, Canada — On September 8, 2014, Salt + Light Television will partner with Roku Inc. to launch new S+L channel to be available on any Roku streaming device.

The partnership with Roku will increase availability of S+L Television content to homes across Canada and will introduce S+L Television to more than 8 million homes in the United States.

The S+L Roku channel will feature all of S+L’s weekly and daily shows including Witness, Vatican Connections, Perspectives Daily and Catholic Focus. Additionally, S+L’s newest releases, live/special events and S+L Radio will also be available instantly for all Roku users.

Canadian Roku users will also have access to an extension of the S+L live stream, along with an option for Chinese or French programming. All Roku users, regardless of location, have the option of upgrading to a premium documentary channel for only $3.99/mo. The premium documentary channel will grant users access to all of the S+L documentaries, including The Francis Effect, Living Stones, Across the Divide and Hand of Peace.

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