Press Release: Production Begins On Pressure Cooker, the New W Network Series from Bristow Global Media based on an original concept created by Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One Productions

W Network logo (screenshot via

W Network logo (screenshot via

Production begins Friday, August 15 on W Network’s new series, Pressure Cooker, a primetime culinary competition show. The series, previously announced at Banff World Media Festival, based on an original concept created by Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One Productons, is produced by Bristow Global Media (BGM), The 10, one-hour episode series illustrates the real-life pressures of cooking at home when time is tight and ingredients are scarce. An original Canadian format developed with an international team, Pressure Cooker is set to premiere in October on W Network.

Season one will feature renowned columnist and British restaurant critic, Giles Coren (The F-Word, Million Dollar Critic), as the tasting expert alongside host Anne-Marie Withenshaw; an award-winning entertainment and live event TV personality. Each episode will feature two guest chefs who will serve as coaches for the competitors, including Graham Elliot (Masterchef judge), Nadia Giosia (Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen) and DJ BBQ, to name a few.

On Pressure Cooker, home cooks are faced with the eternal dilemma – what do you cook when you have only a few random ingredients in the kitchen and not a lot of time to prepare them? In each episode, guest celebrity chefs are paired with skilled home cooks in a culinary contest combining great cooking and mischievous game show mechanics with a twist – home cooks must select their ingredients from a specially designed conveyor belt that kicks in at timed intervals. Any ingredients taken must be used in the home cooks’ final plate: but if they get stumped, they have a chance to use a “Recipe Rescue”.

Judging the food is the tasting expert Giles Coren who crowns a winner at the end of each episode. The series will feature integration partners, whose products will be a key part of the action on Pressure Cooker.