Revamping Dexter Brown [The Blog]

You may have noticed a few changes in the past month or so. I’ve given the blog a new name, Dexter Brown [The Blog], and a new domain, It now also has a more modern looking theme. I hope you like the changes.

In my last update, I mentioned I’ve started writing for Fresh Print Magazine. That site went on hiatus and has since been replaced by Plaid Zebra. Be sure to check it out.

I also made note of considering shorter reviews and What To Watch pieces. Since then, you may have noticed they may actually be longer opposed to shorter. I played with both formats, and found the longer reviews have done better than the shorter ones.
I’ve also varied the posts on What To Watch from week to week. I wanted to do five premieres and five finales, but sometimes there may not be many finales that week, or there maybe a bunch of particularly notable shows that deserve a mention, so instead of aiming for a static number, What To Watch may fluctuate over time.

I’ve also fused two somewhat closely related shows together in one review as I did for Much’s Drunk History and Nathan For You and Family/Disney’s Girl Meets World and I Didn’t Do It. I might continue to mix up the format for reviews over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.
The sports ratings also continued to be more popular than the daily breakdown of top-30 ratings so now I’ve decided to give sports priority over the daily breakdown of the top-30 ratings. So instead of seeing the daily breakdown of the top-30 ratings up on Tuesday night, I’ll try to get the sports ratings up then or as soon as possible. The daily breakdown of the top-30 ratings should be up the following day or later during the week.

As always, the blog keeps evolving, but thanks for staying along for the ride so far.