Canadian TV Ratings: July 30th Overnights (A.K.A. Sharknado Night)

Well, Wednesday was Sharknado night, and of course it blew everything out of the water on the specialty nets.

According to a Bell Media press release it snagged the top spot for the night among specialty channels and 389,000 viewers. Space also says it was up 26 per cent from last year’s movie and nearly 1.3 million unique viewers tuned in.

Sir Awesomeness himself, Bill Brioux, says Sharknado 2 even beat everything on CBC in prime time, however, Sharknado 2 was far from the top program overall. A Motive rerun (530,000), So You Think You Can Dance (668,000), America’s Got Talent (837,000), Rookie Blue (918,000) and Big Brother (1,143,000) all beat it.

Interestingly enough The Great One himself also mentioned that a Jays game on Sportsnet had 837,000 viewers, which is more than double Sharknado 2 numbers, but the Bell Media press release said Sharknado 2 was the top specialty program for the day. I’m assuming they’re not counting sports then.

Brioux tweeted out to someone saying he doubted Sharknado 2 would make it onto the Numeris top-30 chart, however, it’s summer and to make it onto the chart is a bit different opposed to other times of the year. I agree, we’d likely see the CFL or maybe even a Jays game crack the top-30 this week rather than Sharknado 2.

Source: Bell Media/Bill Brioux (Twitter)

(Featured Image via Bell Media)