Press Release: Canada’s Own Extreme Weather Chasers are Featured in Thrill Seeking Web Series Tornado Hunters

CMT (logo via Wikimedia)

The unimaginable power of Mother Nature comes to life on Corus Entertainment’s CMT (Canada) web series, Tornado Hunters,launching Monday, August 18. Led by Canada’s extreme weather chasers Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick and Ricky Forbes, the team tackles the biggest tornadoes in North America, risking their lives capturing one-of-a-kind footage in their indestructible pick-up truck, Flash. Get a sneak peek of Tornado Hunters here.

Viewers will have a first-hand look at the trials and tribulations that come with living a life of storm hunting. From the weight of worry in their personal relationships to facing 300 mile-per-hour winds, the team provides access to some of their most exclusive footage.

Produced by Saloon Media and developed with the participation of the Bell Fund, the five webisodes will be the launching pad for the official broadcast pilot set to air on CMT at a later date. Beginning August 18, will host an interactive campaign, prompting fans to provide their input and join the #CMTTornadoHunters conversation with @CMTCanada. Feedback will be tracked to help shape the upcoming pilot.

The Tornado Hunters are recognized as first responders within the news media and have garnered mainstream popularity throughout the world for their real-time weather expertise and stunning footage of the world’s most severe storms. Environment Canada, broadcast meteorologists and audiences globally monitor their newsfeeds and tune into their live web streams regularly to witness the phenomena they are able to capture.

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(Featured image via Corus Entertainment)