Press Release: A Six-City Tour of the World’s Hottest Cultural Hotspots, Discovery World Presents ONE NIGHT STAND WITH ANNIE SIBONNEY, July 22

Discovery World (logo via Wikimedia)

TORONTO (July 2, 2014) – ONE NIGHT STAND WITH ANNIE SIBONNEY follows television host and culinary adventurer, Annie Sibonney as she travels the world’s greatest cities uncovering the best in food, culture, and the “unexpected”… especially after dark. Premiering Tuesday, July 22 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Discovery World, the new six-part Canadian series taps Sibonney’s fluency in several languages that has enabled her to communicate her love of food as she journeys through some of the richest nightlife cities in the world. With less than 24 hours in each city, Sibonney’s nightly adventures start with the local version of happy hour, and continue through dinner, dessert, late night cravings, and everything in between. Sibonney takes viewers on a whirlwind one-nighter to get to the real flavour and rhythm of a city, before her final rendezvous – “the morning-after” breakfast and her last taste of the city before jetting off to her next destination.

As an expert on extensive, food-focused adventures, Sibonney knows the best cities to engage in wild food affairs and guides viewers through each city’s remarkable cultural exploration. Sibonney kicks off each episode in a different city as the sun begins to set, bringing on a nocturnal mission: to uncover the best local places to eat, drink, play, and give in to temptation. There’s only one night and it’s going to be an experience to remember!

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